So there I was asleep on the 15th floor.

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    Instant replay, almost.

    Fast asleep along a well known swampy river.

    Awoke and checked out of that Silver Palace.

    All seemed well.

    UNTIL the vehicle was seen.

    FUNNY! I said to my self, I know I pulled stright in when I parked.

    Now the vehicle was at a 30 degree angle?

    Not to worry it had been moved by the wrecker the LEOs had called after thay handcuffed the drunk who hit it.

    All this happened a while I slept but the sun was now in full bloom and the glass was all swept up.

    The Drunk was running from the Cops and thought an open parking garage was a good place to hide.

    Louie P Long strikes again.

    I gotta stay out of sneakie's swamps.

    Pulled out the tools and made the needed barnyard repairs and headed home with all the copies of the incident........................
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    I occasionally have dreams/ nightmares worse than this, ..... but usually they happen only in my slumber, and when I wake up, all is well.
    (well, as well as this screwed up world can be in the middle of the Obozo chaos, unconstitutional criminal actions, and collapse).
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