So, what do you do when you are bored?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by sniper-66, Nov 7, 2007.

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    You shoot hollow point bullets into water and recover them. I got bored today and so I took all the specialty ammunition that I had for my hand guns and shot them, recovered them, and took a picture of them.
    The set up, 9mm, .40, .45, and .357, a steel five gallon buck, and a lot of water.


    The left column is the 9mm, the next is the .40 rounds, then the .45, finaly, the .357.
    The first row is the .45 Hornaday TAP round, probably the least impressive of all the rounds.
    The second row is a .45 glaser safety slug minus the lead shot, didn't want to pick the shot out of the carpet. Because of the expense of these rounds, I didn't fire the .40, figured it would do the exact same thing and it was a PIA to pick the shot out.
    The third row is two .40 Remington jacketed hollow points. Was rather impressed with their expansion and weight retention.
    The fourth row is Black Talon 9mm, .40, and .45. There are two 9mm Black Talon because I missed the bucket on the first round. Interesting that the bullet closed in on itself when it hit the sand. When in the water, all three calibers had near perfect expansion and nearly %100 weight retention. Still going to be my carry round.
    The fifth row is silver tips, 9mm, .45, and .357. These used to be my carry loads before the Black Talons, and after this, glad I don't carry them any more. Probably the worst of all for weight retention and uniformity. The .357 did the best, but it hit the bottom of the bucket and sheared off some of the petals.
    The sixth row is Starfire in .40 and .45. Probably the most impressive in expansion. The .40 also hit the bottom of the bucket, hence why it is probably flattened out a little more than the .45, and why the lead and jacket were seperated.
    The seventh row was Hydrashocks, .40 and .357. I have never been impressed with these rounds, never knew what that spike in the middle was for and after this, still don't.
    The eighth row is a .45 Golden Saber. I was surprised by this round, it expanded well and retained almost all of it's weight. I would carry them over the Silver tips or Hydrashocks.
    The ninth row is a Agila .45, broke exactly like it was supposed to, would like to see this one in a block of geletin.
    The final round was a Cor-Bon .45. What can I say, but what a mess!

    Well, that's it, now gotta find something else to do with my time.
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    Is it me or is something missing here?
  3. sniper-66

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    I think it's you. [booze]

    What's missing?
  4. BAT1

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    I've had a lot of time on my hands, been off work due to CHF, so I've been reloading .45, .223, and .308. Walking the local parks and fishing, and then doing a little biking to build myself back up. Lost 22 lbs since 10-27, gave up the beer, and been trying to turn my beer making kit into a apple cider maker, or water distiller. The other day, my pulse went down to 55 while meditating. Qui Gong helps the chi. My brother is a good writer, and I've been writing some music to his stuff. Wanting to start a band like Poker Face. Been building a 24 volt battery charger, and a bike powered generator from a stationary bike and an unused motor. I take a feet up break every 2 hrs to keep the blood moving. Been feeling much better and have better energy than before, so things are looking up. Just have to put it low gear more often.
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    Answer to the first question could be correct....[beer]

    Answer to the second is I see no pictures. Are there pictures?

    Been a hard day.

  6. Blackjack

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    I see pics.
  7. ghrit

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    Uhhh -- I'm here --
  8. CRC

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    I got no pics either?
  9. sniper-66

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    It is a large pic, so if you are on dial-up, you may have to wait a minute.
    Bat1, come over, I got six more gallons of Antelope to jerk or gind into burger, that will keep you going!
  10. E.L.

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    Bored? You need to borrow my two youngest. [LMAO][LMAO][LMAO]

    I see the pic clearly. I would like to see each one in gellatin, or even in clay like in the "little box of truth" as I believe it was called.

    I wondered about the post/spike too, so I looked it up since that is what I carry in my .45s: (click on Hydra-Shok JHP)

    "The choice of law enforcement agencies nationwide, Federal's unique center-post design delivers controlled expansion and the notched jacket provides efficient energy transfer to penetrate barriers while retaining stopping power. The deep penetration of this jacketed bullet satisifies even the FBI's stringent testing requirements."

    Sounds like they want it to be a bastardized version of both worlds. All I know is that on deer and hogs it works well. Probably due to the penetration.
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    Well, I had to say bored, because otherwise, it was general mischief.
    I didn't have time to put together clay or geletin, this is something easy to do and water des one of the best jobs at making hollow points spread.
    As for the Hydrashocks, the cops have always had a love affair with Federal, I firmly believe that if Federal started loading handgun rounds with lead again, it would again become the industry standard for cop ammunition, just because Federal loaded it. The only thing LEAs like better than Federal is Hornaday TAP rounds.
    The Hydrashok didn't even impact the bottom of the bucket while other rounds did, so I don't know how that plays in penetration. A simple SJHP in .357 made it to the bottom and broke through the can, the only one that did, good thing it was the last round! I don't know how they get that little point to stay in place after shooting it, I have never been able to get that to happen!
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    Yes some of us are on dialup, as we might just be on a semi-fixed income.

    Thanks for shrinking the picture Sniper. If more people would give that a consideration before posting, all the forums out there would be more enjoyable.

    Interesting data. I have always liked Golden Sabers, I get the bullets from Midway and load my own in .45 ACP.

  13. CRC

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    Weird..I tried in FF, and IE...still a big red X....and I am on Cable Modem..?
  14. AlterEgo

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    That's because it is MAN talk women. [LMAO]

    Go back to moderating the joke forum.....

    just kidding ya LOL.

    Edit 1.
    Actually it could be where he stores the photos at. If they are real busy it could time out and not display. I think that was my original problem, but it sure was nice that he made it smaller. Otherwise your firewall (you have one don't you) may be blocking it. Try right clicking on the X and seeing if there are some choices to pick from.

    Heck I don't know, I just get paid to fix this stuff.

    Edit 2
    I just checked his code and it is fine. So the problem has to be the photo server. I'm getting a blank right now too but no X. I'm using FF.
  15. wildernessgal

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    Hhhhmmm, overall life doesn't get BORING for me, as I keep pretty darn busy. For me going online is kinda like my relaxing BREAK amongst it all. Sometimes I do disappear though (offline for a long looong time)... that is, when THE COMPUTER becomes a SNORE-BORE!?!?! LOL

    I have thought about using our vehicles on occaision for TARGET PRACTICE though!!!! ha,ha,ha I hate maintaining them, and it seems like mechanical things "ALWAYS HAVE AN ISSUE"!?????

  16. sniper-66

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    Here it is smaller, if this doesn't work, don't know what to tell you.

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    I carry the Hydrashocks and like the way they react in tissue/bone. I shot the pig I helped Annie butcher with one. I shot it in the middle of the forehead and was impressed with the fact that the wound channel at the entry wound remained open far more than with most rounds I have used, then on butchering the pig found that after going through the skull and brain it had gone into the muscel of the neck and penetrated to the lower neck. It had expanded well and was fully in tact.

    I think one of these times I may have to sacrefice the ribs when Im butchering a pig and do some more balistics testing in real tissue in addition to the head shots, for now though I at least know Im fully confident in the Hydrashocks even from my .380, it preformed a lot better than SJHP .38 spl +p ammo I tried in the past and slightly better than JSP .357 ammo I have used. It really kind of surprised me as I had considered the .380 VERY minimal for a defensive calibur but after looking at the balistics charts decided it would be 'ok' since could at least carry it easy and now that have seen how it acts in tissue Im actualy pretty confident in in.
  18. CRC

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    and no...I still can't see it...

    And yep...tried the "right click" and "Show picture"


    Oh well.
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    That didn't work either. Hm.
  20. ghrit

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    How about this?
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