So what does a u.s. collapse look like?

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  1. Tango3

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    stumbled upon a pretty good blog I have yet to completely explore:

    What Would The U.S. Look Like During A Collapse?

    Giordano Bruno
    Neithercorp Press
    I’ve heard a lot of speculation lately about how the inevitable collapse of the U.S. Dollar will affect our country, and what results it will entail… most notably, the theories put forward by Russian scholar and former KGB agent Igor Panarin, who states that the U.S. will collapse by 2010, and that its lands will be divided up by the EU, China, Russia, and Mexico.
    While I actually agree with Panarin’s timeline for collapse for numerous reasons, I’m not so sure about his ultimate conclusion that we will be cut up part-and-parcel by other countries the way he describes. I’m also not so sure about some peoples’ claims that this will be “Armageddon”.
    Things will be bad, yes, worse than any generation for the past five centuries has ever seen, but the end of the world? Do we have so little faith in our own strength of character? In our own ability to overcome hardship?
    I also rarely see any examination of the psychological state of American society and how it will be affected by an economic meltdown. All changes in the world begin in the minds of men, so that is where we must first look in order to better understand what is coming.
    Two Kinds Of People

    -muchmore- (through the "end game")[shtf]
  2. Gray Wolf

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    As far as the US being divided up, I think we citizens will have something to say about that.
    After WWII, a Japanese military leader was asked why Japan did not invade the west coast after Pearl Harbor. He answered "We knew that every other house in the US had firearms in it. We were not fool enough to enter into
    such quicksand"
    Armed foreign invaders on US soil? That would be all it would take to make us put aside our petty differences and work together!
  3. gunbunny

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    I agree with Grey Wolf on this one. I can't see anyone trying to take a piece of the US of A for their own. Mexico is only getting away with it at the moment because we are looking the other way for some reason. As for the Russian professor, I believe it is wishful thinking.
  4. Tango3

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    Perhaps; How much do we owe the chinese???
  5. Brokor

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    "Technically" -nothing. But, the indebted states are without a doubt going to have to determine whether or not to secede.
  6. Tango3

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    When you buy bonds you expect your capital returned plus interest if the .gov defaults like several interweb sources are claiming is not only possible but inevitable...I could see the chinese being upset at losing a few trillion capital plus their interest..
  7. Mountainman

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    Mexico taking the SW US and much more, what a joke, they already have it! The only way to change that is [gun] and then cut off the borders. The Chinese are going to be the real power, that we funded, that might make a move on this country when it goes to hell.
  8. Shinmen Takezo

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    The Panarin scenario seems to be possible now.
    His speculation about areas dominated by outside nations is pretty thin though.
    I could not see columns of Mexican troops crossing into the former US to take over the South West.
    Well actually that would be very nice--I always wanted to own a G3, and perhaps a surplus Humvee.

    Anyways... Larouche just released the consiquences of a collapse in one of this latest articles.

    I would see the value of the US dollar plummeting to zero, just like the Weimar Reich Mark. Ditto with most stocks. Ditto with retirement accounts, 401k's, IRA's--all wiped out.

    The urban areas would quickly turn into massive "Tiajuana's" and all the corruption and crime that would entail. Celente commented that when th police do not get paid, they will turn into "extortion operations."

    I can see the DC government becoming completely irrelevant and ignored by most of the USA--especially the western states outside of the corrupt politics and influences of the rust belt commies.

    You'll see break-aways, secession. Moderate conflict, but not all-out civil war. Yes there will be chaos, there may be hot rebellion (French Revolution style) in many areas--but no all out civil war.

    When everyone gets crippled by this economic storm the rage will be like a tidal wave sweeping across this county. There will be not enough "continunity of government bunkers" to house and protect all these elected criminals. And I doubt few will elect to risk their lives to protect these scum bags once the people take to the streets with torches, pitchforks and AK's.

    I think there will be a division of the USA--east versus west. East of the Appalachain (sp?) mountains and north of Virgina will become CA (Communist America) This will extend out to some of the rust belt states and terminate. The rest will shake out and confederate into FA (Free America).

    The areas where these divisions come together will see the most violence and chaos.

    But there will be a lot of chaos.
    Just read this Larouche thing--and up front it states that Weimar style inflation will occur... so just think of the ramifications of this, and you'll get a very clear idea of what will happen.

  9. Ponce

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    I already know what it will look like because I have seen it in Cuba where WTSHTF has lasted for over 46 ready, not sorry.
  10. Brokor

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    That's my avatar ;)

    So many People are in denial -it's classic doublethink. The image of being the world's only 'superpower' and the greatest, most free nation on earth (yeah right) has caused a lull. It's just about to come to a grinding HALT very soon.

    Pointing fingers won't do anything; the People enslaved themselves. And when the [shtf] -I will be ready.
  11. Tango3

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    " a boot stepping on the face of humanity"??
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