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    To say I stole the idea of the Soap Box from the SAS would not be slander. If ya gonna steal, steal from the best. Theirs were originally made from cigarette tins which we rarely see in this part of the world. So, a nice, bright yellow soap dish works in it's place.

    Contents: (1) In the lid is 30 feet of troutline cord in a small plastic bag. Keeps it from getting tangled up in the box. (2) Glued to the inside of the lid is a striker surface for matches. (3) 18 matches stored in the Black Tube. These are the Strike on Surface type. Haven't replaced them yet with the better ones. (4) In the bottom is a replacement blade for a Wyoming Knife. The ridges of the box was shaved out to fit it. It is held in place by scotch tape folded as 2-sided tape. CAUTION!!! These suckers are SHARP!! (5) 2 baggies containing 6 sections of Fire Sticks. (6) Exacto knife with handle cut down to fit box along with a box of blades. (7) Fishing kit in small plastic bag w. 20 pound Spyderline on sewing spool. (8) Small tube of Tylenol Extra Strength. (9) Sewing Kit. (10) 2 each brass Snare Wires stored in an earplug case. (11) And a Beef Bullion Cube.
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    COOL!!! Great job, lots of stuff in a small compact container.
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    Nice work.
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    That's great!
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    wTs.... [winkthumb]
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    Another good container of a similar size is the small LockNLock box - found at WallMart, Meijer's etc. It's water proof and seals up very tight. They come in various sizes.
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