Soccer season starts again (and Hydro Flask mini review)

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    Well, this is the first season that I can remember that the monkey did not need new shoes. At least not yet. She has been outgrowing them by the season.

    But she did get a new Hydro Flask, as did Coach Daddy. I normally use single wall bottles. But this is not a hiking or camping or survival situation. This is about keeping hydrated (40 oz) and cool (insulated and will keep ice all day) during soccer. So for that, it gets an A so far. Seems pretty rugged and durable too. I dropped mine on the field a few times to test it out. No dings yet.

    Monkey all set for her first practice, after "warming up," aka playing super hard with her big sister in the back yard. So parts of her clothes were streaked in dirt. Perfect!


    She had a great practice.
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