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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, May 30, 2013.

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    :rolleyes:People are too dependent on instant answers.

    There are some days that I don't talk to my Mr. all day long; not until we actually see each other in the evening.

    Some of my gal pals ask "How do you do it?" :eek: "How do you know where he is or what he's doing?"

    Ummmm... I guess I'll find out tonight when I see him. :) Control freaks. I've found that those who are nervous, probably should be. [bateye]
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    I have had to tell my wife many times to not call me about stupid stuff that can wait for later. My hands are busy, my time is being paid for by a customer, it gets my phone dirty, and it is a waste of my time and patience.:mad:Unless it is important, leave me alone on a jobsite!
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    This was an issue, in out early Married Life.... I would be traveling in Bush Alaska, and would get a Radio Message, to call Home. Usually it would be a day, or two, before I got to a phone, and when I finally got thru, It would be, "The Water Heater blew up, what should I do?" I am 1500 miles away, on the far end of a Radio Phone Link, and all I can say is, "Fix It"..... because I am not headed home, for two weeks. She is a lot better at dealing with stuff, now.... and I do not travel as much as she does, anymore..... ReTIRED is the BEST.....
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    i don't have a clinger for a wife, thank God.
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    Mine works later hours than I do and rarely calls me at work- only when she needs my input on something important. She sends me calendar emails to remind me of her travel dates and does not chase my tail around by text all day.... oh and she hates to shop!!! And I give her the same courtesy to leave her alone and not bug her at work.
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