Social Misdirection

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    An excerpt from:

    In order to avoid all out civil revolt over the preferential treatment given corporations, banking thugs and thieves and the “too wealthy to have to pay taxes” class, those who found themselves without work were given unemployment benefits and food stamps. Just enough to keep them quiet while simultaneously launching a vicious campaign against these same people, and referring to them in derogatory terms. The intent? To divert your attention away from those who were profiting immensely at the expense of the nation. And it worked! Look at the number of politicians, so-called news broadcasters and others who continue to berate and marginalize those who have no jobs, and who continue to pander to the wealthy and known corporate thugs as if their crimes were of no consequence.

    The end result is that our wealth is being redistributed to the already wealthy and corporations and instead of going after these groups and holding them accountable many of us turned on our fellow American’s with a vengeance and blamed them for events and results they had no control over.

    The entire article is well worth reading.
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