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    MOST~ of the American people do not remember the 'Socialist Party of America' ever having a candidate in the presidential elections and most Americans didn't notice when 'they' stopped running candidates.

    Shame on us!

    Keep in mind that this was said 69 years ago.

    A quote from 1944:

    If you aren't Scared, you're not listening.Our Republic is burning and no one sees the fire!

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  2. tulianr

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    At least some of us are definitely starting to feel the heat from those flames.
  3. NotSoSneaky

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    Hmm I thought they were running as Dem-0-Rats. [tongue]
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    Serioiusly, is there any question that the progressives/liberals have advanced to full blown socialism. The only difference between them and the communist is private ownership. I'm sure that will have to go in the end as well. That is unless we all wake up and make it stop.
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    I was being (mostly) serious.

    On stopping the spread:
    The sad thing is voting isn't going to do one damm thing. Sheeple will vote either "D" or "R" and expect change. The only change they'll see is the names on the doors.

    Want real change ? We need to use Alinsky's playbook and not just throw it at them, but beat them over their collective heads with it. There's no being nice about this anymore. Tell a lie, tell it often and tell it loudly. Demonise them, make them out to be the theiving scumbag monsters they are and get in their face everwhere they go. Keep at them ruin their lives exploit every mistake and twist every tragedy to our adavantage untill the sheeple take up pitchforks and torches in the night.

    Either that or vote with rifles. ...and it may well come to that sooner than we think.
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