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    I have two MBRs in 7.62x51(308) and can afford to only feed one so I'm keeping the FNFAL and offer BabyBoomer2- a pristine safe queen 1st gen. Springfield Armory M1A (170xxx) in the black synthetic stock. It has between 120- 200 rds through it(broken in) with nary a bobble using brass NATO compliant 147 grainers. With that muzzle break you can actually perform doubletappers for a CQB scenario or really reach out at 300 yds. or the limit of your capability. I made two mods- replaced(but will be included) the flimsy upper handguard with a Fulton Armory solid synthetic as the forward aluminum scout scope(removed but included) turns out to be a huge heat sink that after a mag or two you could cook bratwurst on or your reddot. I added, after a CMP shoot, a 12 position Merit aperture to the rear sight that you can dial from wide open to really small depending on your target and lighting conditions. Works great and it's bombproof. If I was going to keep it, I'd probably go with a Sadlak Industries(good stuff!) scope mount and a lowpowered 1-4x. But wait, there's more!
    Also included- 1 padded digital camo 'assault' case
    8- 20 rd. OEM mags- 1- 10rd and 1- 5 rd.
    Gas cylinder wrench and buttstock cleaning kit
    Match OP rod spring guide(installed)
    TacticalSolutions tan nylon sling with unique biceps fastening system- for fast, rigid sling use.
    Springfield Armory manual and 2 books- "The M14 complete assembly guide" (A+++) and "The M14 Owner's Guide"
    She's cleaned and lubed and ready to go out of the box for a mere 1800 U.S Govt. IOU notes and I'll take care of the UPS shipping and insurance fees anywhere in the CONUS.
    Sorry, no pics as I'm digitally impaired but it looks like all the other SOCOMs on the web.
    I'm not an FFL holder, just a non-felonious private American citizen here in the NW with a valid WA. driver and concealed pistol license and permit.
    I sold an extra SA M6( SS 22Hornet/410) to a fellow in Georgia back in Dec. and everything worked out hunkydory.
    If anyone's interested, PM me here or drop me a line at Thanks! Bert Fazekas aka 'HalfaHun'
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