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    Is anyone else stocking up on rechargeable batteries and a way to charge them?
    I ran into a good deal on solar battery chargers so I picked up 5 of them. I checked
    on eBay and batteries are very reasonable on there so I picked up some rechargeable
    and also some nonchargeable batteries with an exp., date of 2026

    Everywhere I read about places having an emergency one thing I always see is that batteries
    and flashlights are needed. If the grid is down what would a solar battery charger and
    batteries be worth when trading? I got 6 boxes of batteries.. 1/2 rechargeable
    Also battery checkers.

    If you are doing any trading come across some batteries how you going to know
    if they are good or not?
    A battery checker is about $1 that will be a handy item to have if you are doing any trading.-- May want to pick up a few --good for trading.

    Right now you can buy this stuff cheap. But after SHTF not so much..

    Rechargeable battereis?
    50 AA 3000 mah $26.50
    48 AAA 1800 mah $21.9 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,So for about $59 and your set with AA and AAA and a
    solar charger

    I'm not making fun of anyone but a lot of people have battery chargers.
    But they never stop think about when the grid goes down where
    are they going to plug them in?

    look on the back of your 110v charger some have a place to plug in a 12volt power cord
    I have a big 110 volt charger and there was a place for a 12 power cord

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    How long do rechargeable batteries remain rechargeable in storage? Is there a shelf life?
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    Links please.....
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    Ok there are a bunch of chargers here
    solar battery charger aa | eBay

    you to shop around for a good deal on batterires lots on here
    rechargeable batteries | eBay

    I had good luck with these (green go batteries)
    The rechargeable duracell are really good but a bit expensive
    48 AA 3000mAh + 48 AAA 1350mAh 1.2V Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery GO!GREEN Camera

    Here are 48 AA energizer batteries fot 18.99 exp date of 2025
    48 x AA Energizer Industrial Alkaline Batteries (EN91, LR6)
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    I don't know,,,,,,,I have some that are 6 years old and they still have a good charge. I pull one battery out every year to check

    If they do go dead I wounder if they would charge back up?
    the little ones in my yard light go all the way out every night then charge back up
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  6. kellory

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    If They are RECHARGEABLE, they will recharge. Alkaline batteries will not because it's a chemical reaction that causes the charge.
    and it is very normal for charged batteries to lose part of their charge in Storage.
    The "self discharge rate" varies by the materials used, and the size and grade of battery.
    (If I recall correctly, we have at least one battery professional on this site. Anyone recall who?)
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