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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Waz, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Waz

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    Hi, have been pondering what to do, we already have our Home on Solar through the grid, helps a bit
    What I am after is education, ME (dumbass) any book etc to study up on for Solar, we are not allowed any Wind turbines, if we lose Power, would like to be able to run a small fridge, and some lights, hope to be able to go camping again (beach BO location), just need a system that will keep food and drinks cold, and charge 18650 batteries for our torches.
    On a carers pension and the budget, sheesh what budget lol, will be limited, is it better to buy a system or DIY, am clueless and don't like making mistakes and wasting money, lots of experience at that.
    There are so many systems I get lost, Ebay has heaps, need some decent advice, not hype.
    Any help will be appreciated, where I am in Western Australia, we get heaps of sunlight, going through a heat wave at the Moment, and if e lost all power, a Solar fan would be a life saver
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    Do you already have solar but it is a grid tie system ? Or, is it that you want to get solar that does not tie to the grid ? First after answering the above questions, we would need to know your requirements for power. Then we should be able to help you out.
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    Sent you a PM
  4. Waz

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    Hi again Nadja, yes we have panels that are tied into the Grid.
    Would like a more mobile sytem, just in case we ever do have to move out for a while, and for when we go camping, run a small fridge, we have a Grand daughter (3) and it is important to us to be able to look after her, with food and cool water, at the Moment here it is hitting over 40 degrees celsius around 100 degrees farenheit I think, everything is hot, a fan 240v, fridge is a small bar fridge, will keep an eye out for a three way fridge, and some lights, maybe two, so Grand daughter can see at night and doesn't get lost, need to charge 18650 batteries (protected), have got a Generator, but would prefer to be silent, and not needing fuel.
    Hope that is enough?
    Maybe use a laptop, got a lot of info stored
  5. Waz

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    Thanks Economist, will do as suggested
    Appreciate it
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