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    Picked up a new gadget for camping and more importantly, for the wifee to take on her long trail runs. Just got it, so will need to test it out first. It came 3/4 charged. I stuck it in the sun outside for about 2 hours or so and it appears fully charged. Water and shock resistant and supposed to be able to charge an iPhone at least twice.

    My favorite is the Solar Joos, but my wife will never lug that thing around. The Joos is about the size of an iPad in a case and weighs about as much. But that thing works great, is waterproof and seems bullet proof. For real, someone tested it by shooting it five times, I think. And it still drew solar power and was able to charge the intended device!

    The Levin is about the size and weight of an iPhone in a case and is shock and water resistant. So it is supposed to handle a drop and some rain.

    While the Joos is more powerful, they have pretty similar capacity. And both can by charged via USB. So before camping and before a long trail run, I will be topping it off.

    I'll give a longer term review later after we have used it a bit.


    Intermittent Hawaiian sun and clouds topped off the remaining 1/4 in around two hours.

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    Hawaii sun is pretty potent. Even inside on the window sill while it is overcast, solar chargers still draw juice (see green charging light).
    My favorite is the Solar Joos Orange. That one is a waterproof PV cell that is also apparently bullet proof. Someone tested theirs by shooting it something like five times with a rifle. Afterwards, it still drew power from the sun and still charged up the plugged in device. While the Joos is more powerful, they capacities for the two are pretty similar. The bonus is the Levin has two USB ports so can charge two devices at the same time IF there is enough power.

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    whats this thing cost ?
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    So far so good. Fully charge it first and you have at least 1-2 full phone charges plus solar. Recharges much slower with solar. But to be expected for something so small. Take a USB battery charger too. Then you won't be without light.
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    What are the Spec's Chef ??
    Nice pix , but I do the sun worship /dance / whore / beg & the promises of power to the time harvested is mostly from snakes of twin tongue . I have seen costco folks trying to push these toys & just shake my head.

    It's MATH & easy , all in tens like metric .
    Keep your 30 bucks till specs are shown.
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  9. Hanzo

    Hanzo Monkey+++ LevinTM Solstar Solar Panel Charger 6000mAh Rain-resistant and Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Portable Charger Backup External Battery Power Pack for iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPods(Apple Adapters not Included), Samsung Galaxy S5 S4, S3, S2, Note 3, Note 2, Most Kinds of Android Smart Phones ,Windows phone and More Other Devices (green)(Pls buy the authentic Branded items and turn down the knockoffs): Cell Phones & Accessories

    Any more specs than this will require your own google fu.

    I prefer the Solar Joos Orange, but it's much larger and heavier.
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  11. Cruisin Sloth

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    Just reading this on Amazone tells me it's junk :
    Solstar can charger your iphone about 50% to 60% juice for emergency after being solar charged for 7 to 8hrs under normal sunlight, It's not easy for 1.2W input Solar panel to fully charge the buit-in battery with sunlight, thus, we suggest it for casual use,

    ALLPOWERS™ 12W Portable Foldable Solar
    Has the best power for the buck & will charge a 5 volt unit.
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    Yup, I got my 7 Watt unit from All Powers today, it works great with my phone. Very nice solar setup for such a low price, it really is well made and will no doubt last me. I haven't tried to recharge my camera yet, but I have no doubt it will work. I will update later with my progress. It shipped really fast and arrived in two days by Fedex. I imagine the 12w charger would be even better.

    DSC00038.JPG DSC00039.JPG
    It came with the white cable to charge the phone, very nice. The pocket is where the USB cable is run from, and will hold my camera or phone, too. Sturdy velcro keeps things inside, and velcro holds the panels when folded. It comes with two clips so you can hang it from your pack if needed. Nice little piece of kit.
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    And for those who believe all this solar info the rated specs are in Space / Lab conditions , so divide by half is the best you might see.
    12W dc @ 12 V will charge a new phone , not a 1980 Motorola brick style , those would need 500 w panels ..
    You get 3-6 hrs best if the sun is out .


    Twin tongue's are printed everywhere , just use 1/2 as stated for watts , then you won't be as disappointed.

    Edit add : Just found this from years ago posting :
    PV modules are rated at whats called STC (standard test conditions) of 1000 watts per meter squared. Now in the real world we are around 750-800 Watts per meter squared.What this means is we can assume 75-80% of what the panel is rated for IF we have it perfectly angled and it is solar noon and the sky is crystal blue.So a 250 watt module I would expect to see around 200 watts if all is perfect,at 90* sun harvest .
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  14. Cruisin Sloth

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    I updated above , Many a lies are sold .. but it is a good path to travel .

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    Thanks Sloth
  16. vonslob

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    Thanks for the review. Looks like a neat device. Wait it cant run my electric dryer using it , never mind. Lol . For thirty dollars it looks like a good device
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