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  1. melbo

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    Got this off the contact form...
    Interesting Idea and I apologize to the author that I didn't see it til now...

    Thanks Ben... Come on over here and join us!

  2. whaler

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    Photos of the Solar Cooker

    Not just a theory, check out some
    solaroven_theme01. Copenhagen_Solar_Cooker_Light_5.

    Even does pretty well on chicken. This took about 35 minutes, just a little slower than a BBQ.
  3. ghrit

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    How well does the foil hold up? I can see that this would work well in Valkman's area (without knowng more about the climetology in NV) but here in NORTHERN Virginia there are some rain and wind considerations. No problem with the dish, but re-foiling might be needed twice or three times a year from wind and rain.

    And, for the experimentally minded, hang a bucket of water in the basket. You might be able to rig up a small pump arrangement to feed the bucket, and a siphon to take the hot water out. (HM. This one gets filed away for future, along with the refrigerator coil scheme.)
  4. whaler

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    Foil durability

    You have a good point with the foil. It probably does have a limited lifespan. I don't even leave it out in the sun all the time.

    I took the original satellite base, and attached it to a wooden "X" that I wheel out on the hand truck. This also allows for easy repositioning as the sun moves. When I'm done, I pop it off the metal supports (it seems to stay on without even bolting it down), and I roll it over behind the back of the house, under the eaves. I put a strip of duct tape around the perimeter, so when I roll it it doesn't tear the foil.

    Then the metal and wood base just gets leaned up against the house also, and the hand truck wheels away.

    However, 2 boxes of foil and a couple of cans of spray adhesive could be stocked for replacement.
  5. Tracy

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    Cool solar cooker, Whaler.:cool:

    Thanks for sharing!
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