Solar Panel Trade War

Discussion in 'Politics' started by STANGF150, Jun 4, 2012.

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    great, there goes cheap solar. We ought to do the same to the europeans, before too long they will be getting slave labor out of Greece to assemble high-end panels.
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    Where are the industrial manufactures in USSA?
    Not the ones who put new boxes on them with a sticker , the real manufacture of poly & mono silicon crystals plates ??

    Yes I know Billions went into some "Green " Solar stimulus hoopla that made what brand from scratch ?? & how many panels sold ? for the billions stolen .

    Sorry , more lip and diffusion.
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    That POS occupying the White House, his paper pushing pawns, and his cronies in crime from Chicago have not a clue about real life and dealing with the world. Not a single one of his "advisers" has ever held a real job. They are all theory driven just like him.
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    Blame the EPA and other various alphabet soup agencies. Much easier to produce items when you don't have so many gubernet regulations and possible fines.
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