Solar panel warranties - How do they work? How do solar companies fulfill their warranties? Do they

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by weijing3333, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Solar panel warranties - How do they work?
    How do solar companies fulfill their warranties? Do they change one panel if it breaks or is underperforming? How long will my system be out of commission if this happens?
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    Like anybody else in industry there will be those who will fulfill their obligation to your satisfaction and those who will stone wall you.

    If it is a large array, get a reputable contractor that has been in business ten years or longer to do the work.

    Installed by a licensed contractor?
    Installed to manufacture's specifications?
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    The problem is that with many of these manufacturers, they may be out of business, the problem with the installers, they may also be out of business, in AZ the sellers of power be them commercial or COOP are going back on their promise to buy back the power at the same rate they are selling it at, hence the installers are not getting as many installs. It really doesn't make sense for my COOP because he re-sells my power to my next door neighbor at about zero loss, but they want to buy my power at the same price that they pay the coal fired generator 100 miles away... sucked us in huh?
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    Sorry about the off the grid mistake, but all my grid tie panels will be used off the grid when the grid goes down, my panel are Sharp, I believe they are Manufactured in both Japan and Missouri, when the grid goes off, I will have an inverter system and batteries (just not yet), hope it doesn't go off tomorrow.
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    The Off Grid Forum DOES include discussions of Solar Hardware and PayBack Calculations for Grid Tied Systems. It includes ALL Alternative Power Systems, even for Urban Folks.... It just doesn't include Cows, Pigs, or Goats, [sheep]unless you are using their OUTPUT to fuel your Alternative Energy Producer. (Methane Gas from their Digested Poop)....[ROFL]
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    I think the question in general has already been answered.......

    Bottom line is, choose a reputable manufacture/installer and you will do better than going contrary to that advice.
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    I think this is an appropriate alternative energy source, can I re-use my excess gass output to fire up a generator?
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    Only with the proper amount of baked bean intake...... ;)
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    You can try to know about the Renesola's solar-panel-warranties.
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    He be long gone.
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    My son has worked in solar for close to 20 years, both in heating and power, and no one company he has worked for has lasted 5 years in New Hampshire. They have all either been bought out or merged with other companies. Started out with a company with 3 people doing it all and ended with a company with hundreds, most in sales. Went from mostly hot water heating to megawatt windmills and solar energy farms. He is back to another small company and local again. I guess that 90% of the warranty work here will be a problem. I think that in New Hampshire at least off grid is the only way to go as there is no proof that grid tie will ever work for 20 + years and be paid at any one rate. Most of the grid tie here, at least in my opinion , is a car dealer type operation. Sell it, install it and sell the 20 year note to some financial company the next day. If you have a problem, go to Spain and talk to the man that is leasing you your system.

    Most of the installs I am seeing only are possible with massive gov subsidies. That said, if you wish to do an off grid system and pay for it yourself, the stuff today is unbelievable. With 2 used 200 watt panels, the building they were on blew down, a good controller at about $200, used batteries, guy moved and they are heavy, $200 and a small inverter, I have solar in my greenhouse. Inflation fan is 12 volts, lights 12 volt led, and booster pump is 12 volts. Hand pump into tank and keep power use low.
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