Sold In Ozz, a HiLux I'd like to Test Drive.

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    OFFICIAL: Toyota Hilux SR5 is Australia's Best Ute
    Feb 26, 2016 By Toyota Australia.

    Toyota's Tony Cramb with the award-winning Toyota HiLux SR5

    Toyota's new-generation HiLux SR5 has been named the country's best dual cab 4x4 in the prestigious Australia's Best Cars awards, judged by the nation's motoring clubs.

    Judges said the new HiLux is smarter, more economical and tougher - building on its renowned "unbreakable" reputation with a stronger chassis and beefed-up suspension.

    They said its modern drivetrain is particularly smooth and quiet with a new 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine delivering "the double punch of better performance and lower fuel consumption".

    "Off-road ability has also been improved, with 20 per more wheel articulation, bigger dampers and larger disc brakes, along with greater under-body protection," judges said.

    "These improvements were noted on our off-road testing - HiLux had greater clearance and articulation than the rest of our finalists."

    Judges said the HiLux cabin stood out from the competition being more modern and quieter, while the finish and quality of materials provide a relatively high-class ambience for a working vehicle.

    Its features include a seven-inch touch-screen multimedia system, satellite navigation*, Bluetooth®# and iPod™^ connectivity, and modern convenience features such as climate-control air-conditioning and keyless entry and ignition.

    "The addition of tilt-and-reach-adjustable steering - a rarity in this category - allows the driver to find a comfortable position and gives HiLux a more car-like feel."

    HiLux has a five-star ANCAP safety rating with features including a reversing camera, electronic stability control and seven airbags, including a driver knee airbag.

    Toyota Australia executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the award confirmed the eighth-generation HiLux is the toughest HiLux yet.

    "Australia's favourite ute in 2015 inspires go-anywhere confidence, advances its role as a workhorse and is also fun to drive with SUV-like ride, handling, comfort and convenience," Mr Cramb said.

    Australia's Best Cars is the largest independent new-vehicle assessment and awards program in Australia, evaluating vehicles against criteria such as value for money, design and function, and on-road performance.
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    People have wanted the HiLux over here for years. For some reason, they never seem to get here. It's probably because of an obscure EPA rule or other alphabet soup government agencies' regulation. They're supposedly excellent off - road trucks.

    Too bad the Aussies gave up their gun rights and adopted communism lite. Ozz could be a decent place to live.
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    Most likely Toyota does not want to compete with themselves. They have the 4 cylinder and the V6 Tacoma, both gas engines and they sell all they can make and never at a discount.
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  4. DKR

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    You can't kill a Hilux - and they tried. Part 1 of 3. Very mind bending.....
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    Do away with the gadgetry and ridiculous, fluffy safety garbage and the Hilux will still be an amazing vehicle.
    The older ones are awesome.
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    Full Framed, High Quality Suspension, the HiLux is the Tacoma in the US.
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    Sadly, no diesel option for that truck in US. The cost to meet the LEV III emission standards is high both on development and product cost and then the cost to develop and certify the legally required On Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems adds in and just kills the economics for most light diesels.
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    Nice truck!!!!

    Although at 2500kg/5511.55lb, its tow rating is greater than I would have thought; however, it is lower than I need.
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    In comparison, I got a 2015 V6 Tacoma TRD but can't remember if I have the towing package on it or not...if yes = 6500 lbs, if no = 3500lbs
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    We have a 26'-7" box length camper; 29' tow length. About 5700-6000# loaded.
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    There's a reason it's always a HiLux packing a 50 cal mounted in the back along with half a dozen screaming "freedom fighters" (I'm being nice today) throughout the chitholes of the world. The things are indestructible. As so many others, I too would sacrifice someone else's sacred cow to have my own HiLux, but sadly Toyota is not listening to my pleas for a mid size, diesel truck. I did love my 2011 Tacoma but the 14 mpg was an ouchfest at the gas station and the reason for it's eventual trade in.

    Anyone got a $$ on one of those in Oz?
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    Wow a real bummer!

    Had a 2000 for years and best I could get OTR was about 20 MPG.
    Traded it in on a 2013 (after the rats and squirrels ate the wiring) and manged 22 OTR.
    Then one day on a lark I bought the another Grade fuel, that bumped it up to 25 MPG.
    My best guess is the anti knock system was costing me $$ even if the Manual said 87 was OK to burn.
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  13. Yard Dart

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    Ouch for sure!! I get better mileage than that with my 7,500 lb Dodge 3500 with the 5.9 Cummins......[touchdown]
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  14. ditch witch

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    It was jacked up to the ceiling with huge tires... probably had more to do with the terrible mileage than anything. We have an '11 Dodge 3/4 ton diesel that gets the same mileage, couldn't justify keeping two trucks that ate us alive at the pump.... and the Dodge pulls the boat.
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    Maybe the speedometer was not calibrated to the new tires, then of course as you know the high lift is the most un-aerodynamic thing you can do for any UTE in the world?

    The New Toyota HiLux - Utes from Toyota Australia
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  16. ditch witch

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    I have been guilty of putting looks over logic on more than a few occasions. At least now it tends to involve steel and rubber instead of just the rubber.
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