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    This is a video share,

    Wow. They just took down the video. Welcome to media censorship.
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    Here we are years later after 9/11 and we know that Iraq had nothing to do with it and no one has yet said a damn thing why we were there. What was the objective? Attrition? And, what pisses me off more is that we learned this in Vietnam and here we are doing the same thing again years later, fighting for no reason, no objective, no unconditional surrender... Same in Afghanistan. We asked them to turn over Bennie Laden. They didn't even know he was there and how could a Muslim country turn over a fellow Muslim to a Christian country? I'm not a middle east Intel Analyst or Specialist but I know that is not possible so did the CIA, NSA and DIA all of sudden go brain dead? Yeah...maybe this video is just about some soldiers bitching and while they are not very articulate they are at least asking the right questions and speaking the truth. We are again in a war with no objective, no end, just like Vietnam. And, what REALLY disturbs me is when I think back at what started it all and I look at the video of Building 7 on 9/11...
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    Revenge, retribution, defending national pride, and exercising the trappings of imperial majesty, are rarely good reasons for persuading a nation to go to war. Still, Haliburton, Blackwater (aka Academi), and the stockholders of other defence industry corporations did well out of it.

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    War is Hell.....Seen it up close and personal.....someone will always make money off of War....been that way forever, nothing new....Every Soldier in every War had good and bad thoughts about the Why, been that way forever, If you volunteer then you accept that or you get out and move one makes anybody sign on the dotted line....nothing has changed for 1000's of years concerning War.....and doubtful it will anytime soon.....
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    When the only jobs to be had are the ones that put a gun in your hand under pretense to defend your fellow countrymen...
    Seems to me, some might sign on that line just for 3 squares and a roof....for a time.
    Same reason a man might turn to crime if there are others he needs fend for.
    Aint much difference to a commoner such as myself.

    "desperate times requite desperate measures..." aint just a sayn.

    Just sayn.
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    OK I was an Army civilian during that time, I probably could have found out the exact reason, but here's what I saw and what I saw was open to anyone who cared to look into it.

    1. I began many centuries ago, OK lets not go there, lets start with the first Gulf War, we... the US and allies were called in by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries after Iraq attacked and took Kuwait. I think the first Gulf War was justified.
    2. We did not chase the Iraq army all the way to Bagdad, why... word was we were afraid of the Imperial Guard, nope... we knew he had chemical weapons, how did we know this, we sold the weapons to Saddam for use against Iran, we knew how much we sold him, and how much he used. How do I know this? Simple Every Army unit went thru intensive MOP issue and training before the Second Gulf War, the Second Gulf War was to finish the first Gulf War.
    3. We went into Afghanistan to chase down Bin Laden, he was in Afghanistan and probably died in a cave somewhere, he did not at the hands of Seal Team Six.
    4. 9/11 occurred because there were too many Arabs from Saudi with too much time on there hands and they wanted 72 virgins.

    This is your truthful history lesson from Rancher

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    No doubt that many young people join for a job and a chance at something better.....those that do so and think they will never have to use that rifle should have kept working at McDonalds....every job has dangers and responsibility when you take it....any pretense about who you are or are not protecting never enters your mind when your beside another Soldier shooting and being shot at.....there are no politics under fire.....If you turn to crime to fend for others, you never worked hard enough prior to making the decision to become a criminal....having to do desperate things in desperate times is generally always caused by the person you look at in the mirror.....after all we are own worst enemies....
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    It's all a delusion though. You're comparing going to another country and shooting the people who live there to working at McDonald's. You're saying it's just a "job". Don't you see how delusional that is? You get a fixed amount of money and in return you give them dead men, women and children who are only trying to protect their country. The soldier in the video already said what a crock of shit the idea of "honor" was, how does the notion of doing it because it's a "job" strike you? It's unjustifiable without money, isn't it? It's time people see this crap for what it is. America is a land of warlords, conquerors and brainwashed soldiers who sell their souls for a chance to get some money. So that they can live by the religion of the land. You know, I had the chance to join. I thought about it really hard. I have family that was encouraging me to do it. But the faint premonition of the things I would have to do changed my mind. I don't want to sell my soul and take lives just so these people can make money. I don't want to bleed, die or live in disability for their investments. It's fucking wrong!
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    It is a Job and not delusional at all.....Soldier in video has his own OPINION of what Honor means, does not mean everyone shares it.....I don't.....and plenty of people don't.....If you do that is fine, I don't care....not everyone in Military shares the same religion either.....Do you do your job for Free ? you take the money don't you ? You have a Warlord which is probably a big Mortgage, two car payments, trying to keep up with the neighbors or people you work's, cookouts and vacations.....maybe a tour in the Military would have done you some sound pretty hypocritical to me.....
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    Granted soldiers will always complain and question why they are there fighting and indeed they did 'sign on the bottom line' to fight and so fight they must. They are professional soldiers and don't get a vote in the matter. But, we are not talking about them and/or their complaints and not even their questions. We are talking about our government that sends our military without good cause, without a real objective and some would say without regard. I could understand if it was a land grab or a resource grab (oil, like first Gulf War) or even to overthrow a realm (like Noriega) we didn't like (in and out) but to stay there a decade without rhyme or reason? Yeah...I got lots of questions and lots of doubts.

    EDIT: I think I am guilty of 'thread drift' and the thread is about the video with the soldiers so...I apologize and will sit down and color.
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    At the moment, yes. When I can help it I will never look back.
    That's the problem.
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    Your right, I don't care what your OPINION is......
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