Solstice Party and Lunar Eclipse Watching

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BTPost, Dec 18, 2010.

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    Are Ya'll gearing up for Monday Nights Solstice Party and Lunar Eclipse Event? There hasn't been a Solstice & Lunar Eclipse Event, together since the 1550's. We are hosting ours for the Close Neighbors. (close = 10 Sq Miles) The Lunar Eclipse is on, for total, at 11Pm local, (Alaska Standard Time) here. We usually head up to Neva Lake and have a snowmobile and 4 Wheeler rig tow around folks on inner-tubes, but the Lake Ice isn't thick enough, yet, this winter, so we are going to have it here at the cabin and do our ice slide skiing down here on the flats. Hot chocolate, Goowy Buns & HotDawgs for everyone, plus BYOB if you got. We are expecting clear and cool, Monday night, as Mr. Wx says Lows in the low teens, and clear skies..... Ya'll are invited, if you can afford the AirFare to get here... If not, have your own, and enjoy...
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    Crap keep forgetting this isn't Facebook and I can't click LIKE. Sounds like you've got a nice party planned, hope the weather is decent for you!
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    took the wind out of my sail. Been calling alot of people about this. Gotta be good if the weather is good. My 'cuz in Pittsburg clued me in. Told the 'bro in WA and 'sis in AZ, we will all be watching for sure. TNX for the 'heads up' [applaud]
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    Hm. GMT -5 here, GMT -10 there, > O dark sometime too early for me.
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    I will definitely be awake.
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    But we do have a 'Like' button. Feel free to use it!
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    I don't remember what state I was in (other than the state of confusion), but it was cloudy so I didn't get to see it. :cry:

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