Solvent Traps, the next D.I.A.S. ?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by NotSoSneaky, May 10, 2013.

  1. NotSoSneaky

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    More here. [OO]

    Could be usefull if you went the tax stamp route. [coo]

    Otherwise it's be more like hissyfit .

    I predict these going the way of the D.I.A.S. , PDQ. [tongue]
  2. VisuTrac

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    LOL, I actually think that this one is pretty novel. It's intended use is to capture bore solvent whereas a DIAS is designed to defeat the Semi Automatic Sear turning it into an NFA weapon. This has a 'legitimate' intended use where as the DIAS doesn't.

    What is the users intent makes it the issue.

    As long as the owner either does not own a firearm with a threaded barrel AND suitable oil filters along with this adapter, they are probably going to be ok. IANAL, but just owning something doesn't show intent.

    I believe a person can own a trigger group for a FA weapon as long as they don't own a corresponding receiver that the trigger group can be placed in.

    Heck, you can get FA imported AK triggers. Just don't own a receiver.

    Still lots of loopholes. But if BATFE can show intent i.e. you have all the components to assemble an NFA weapon. They will come down on you like a ton o' bricks .. eventhough it's only a tax violation as you need to give the man 200 bucks and obtain the tax stamp prior to assembling/procuring pieces, You would probably think that you just became a drug king pin or mass murderer.
  3. kellory

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    So...this is an adapter to keep your floor clean, but if someone were to kick in the door as you were reloading, but just before you finished removing your solvent trap, the intruder would die quietly. Is that correct?;)
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  4. VisuTrac

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    if it were attached to your weapon and a oil filter were attached. I'm pretty sure there better be some serial numbers on that there solvent adapter and a receipt for a NFA tax stamp.

    If you have all 3, the threaded barrel weapon, the adapter and an oil filter, we've got NFA all over the place,

    But to answer your question .. yep.

  5. kellory

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    I can see a good use for post SHTF, but why is it a taxed/fee issue instead of a ban issue. If it is a bad idea, then why have a fee for it, and if it is a good idea, why tax it at all? why it it neither allowed, nor proscribed?o_O
  6. VisuTrac

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    You know you can legally grow all the Marijuana and hemp you want. You just have to get a tax stamp for it.

    Building a fully automatic weapon is getting in trouble with the Feds is really about not paying the tax for it prior to obtaining the tax stamp (permission).

    It's all about control.

    If I were single ....
  7. BTPost

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    Actually NOT TRUE Visu.... That was the case BEFORE 1968, HOWEVER since the Gun Control Act was passed in '68 the NFA Book has been CLOSED, and you can NOT Register a NEW NFA FullAuto FireArm, even if you PAY the Tax. You can build a Silencer, or a Destructive Device, after paying the Tax, but you can NOT Build, or Register, a NEW FullAuto Weapon, in the USA.... This is due to REP Barney Frank (D) who was Acting House Speaker when that Stature was passed in the House, on a Voice Vote.... in the dead of night.....
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    ... with a slight lisp....:rolleyes:
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