Some Antifa food for thought?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OldDude49, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. OldDude49

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  2. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

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  3. apache235

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    I wish that Danny would learn that Nazi's are on the left, not the right. Nazi and Communist are kissin' cousins, not polar opposites. If you want the opposite of communists than anarchists are the folks you want to talk to. Words matter so lets stop with the Nazi crap by uneducated MSM twits. I have no use for socialists or anarchists, I just wish the media would get the terms right. It's politically impossible to have a right wing socialist UNLESS you are a communist and then the Nazi's would be to YOUR right but still far left on the political scale.
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  4. ghrit

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    Methinks Danny got it right. Nazism is right, not left as in socialism or communism.
    Nazism - Wikipedia
    That said, the MSM almost universally gets it wrong when they try to lump all the extremism groups together and blame the left. That is at least part of why every group out there are lumped as anti. Seems they are against everything and for nothing.

    I had a history prof in wayback times that taught school under Hitler a bit before WWII (escaped before Poland was over-run.) He said that fascists are so far to the right of Nazis that they looked to be on the left and were actually philosophically allied with communists (see Italy, Spain and Portugal for illustrative best cases assuming elderly memory.) His idea was that the political spectrum is a circle, not a line from one extreme to the other. We laughed, but we were younger then.
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  5. Seepalaces

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    Actually, the classical political spectrum is left to right in terms of political control. So, the further left you are, the more control. Unless your professor can explain to me what areas in which the Nazis or fascists believe government has no right to control, they are wrong (sorry Wikipedia). Fascists, Nazis, socialists are all political left (while classical liberalism is on the political right).
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  6. Airtime

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    Why do you guys consider the political spectrum linear?

    Look up Nolan chart and the various derivatives of it.
  7. apache235

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    Because you either have total government control (left) or no government control (anarchy-far right). Having no control right next to total control doesn't make much sense. You could argue that fascists are to the right of the National Socialists who are to the right of the communists, BUT, they are all on the left, they all have dictators and varying degrees of total government control.
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  8. GOG

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    Semantics don't matter much when Liberty is under attack.
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  9. ghrit

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    They do when you are trying to put together a like minded group with common goals The group MUST understand their own language.
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  10. Seepalaces

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    I never thought I'd live to see the day anarchists would see themselves allied with socialists. They either don't know what the groups stand for or they assume they'll partner until they take control and then overthrow the other. What an absolute mess these idiots are creating. This is how police states are born. If this nonsense moves into the burbs, Charlottesville will look like Sunday Mass.
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  11. Gator 45/70

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    Kill them all, Let the Devil sort them out!
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  12. BTPost

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    In my world, God does the sorting, and the Devil takes the rejects.....
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  13. ghrit

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    If you are anti one thing, the rest doesn't matter. Or does it? You can be quite sure they do not have a clue.
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