Some Are More = Than Others....what About Their Exemption?

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    All of those pro-Obama union companies that got exemption...and the Gestapo is going after this company that exudes what America is all about.

    This really pi$$e$ me of. I hate those people...and I use "people" lightly. Those pricks are sub-human.

    When TSHTF, DC should be deemed a fr33-f!re zone (or any of the prions who were in the DOJ/DHS).
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    “The government’s exclusionary attitude would push religion out of every sphere of life except the four wall of a church,” they said in their brief. “If for-profit corporations have no First Amendment ‘purpose,’ newspapers and other media would have no rights.”

    Which demonstrates the Fedgov's abberant definition of the concept of "Separation of Church & State", which NOWHERE in the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights. This concept is being used illegally to strongarm We The People into kowtowing to The Feds.
    One responder below the article wondered why these Fed areshats aren't on trial awaiting 'execution'..... give us time. The Revolution will take care of these details. The trials for High Treason will come.......
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    I could not get the link to work .... [notworking]
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