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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by magnus392, Nov 5, 2005.

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    No, clown, I am just stating what the world's militaries All

    AGREE on. The .30 cal rds are too HEAVY, and the rifle doesn't amount to a hill of beans in combat. It accounts for at MOST 10% of battlefield casulties. So the miitary wised up and doesn't waste much in the way of resources on it.

    You clowns just aint got a clue. You can bitch all you want, the military AINT going back to .30 cal, and 223 SOFTPOINTS work just fine. In fact, they stop men BETTER than 308 ball does. Softpoints fix the 223's problem, but softpoints (and nothing else, either) CAN'T fix the 30 cal's problem, which is WEIGHT and bulk of gun, and ammo.

    Weight and bulk mean MUCH more to the survivalist than to a soldier, cause WE aint got humvees or choppers to ride to battle in, nor to extract us when we bite off more than we can chew. We don't have air support, nor safe bases to run back to.

    You better back off, dummy, because it aint ME that's mistaken. It's YOU.
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    FLIR on a drone, helicopter, etc, is the nightmare of the survivalist. Not really a good way to combat it unless you are a mole.
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    Re: Don't know anything about armor, eh?

    Actually, it was a Army Soldier, he was a combat medic, and he didn't shoot the man, his buddies did and then he provided medical treatment to the man that shot him.
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    [own] [own2]

    I wonder how many accounts does it take straight from soldiers on the battlefield for you to understand? Mutiple torso hits from the 5.56 often will not put the enemy combatants down. 'Nam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, pick up a copy of SOF, or perhaps try reading "Blach Hawk Down" and you will read this over and over. Straight from the mouths of the grunts on the ground. Funny, I don't ever remembering reading or hearing a WWI or Korea war vet that said the same thing about the .30-06 or even the 7.62x.51 used in 'Nam. No complaints. I did hear complaints about the .30 carbine, but not the '06 or .308. You really need to do a little research, we aren't talking about shooting gophers.
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    I forgot about the cartridge, it was a 7.62 X 54R ball round. The round directly impacted the soldier from just over 100 yards direct center of his SAPI plate. The bullet did not penetrate the plate, let alone the vest.
    As for Armor, what do you want to know, I have extensive knowledge with both soft and hard armor. Go find my article on "Snipers Vest-O-truth.
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    Come back Meyah....I want to kick you around some more.
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    only a fool like you would think you even TOUCHED me, dumbas

    what I say is backed by facts. YOU think you are rambo, able to run all day with an M60 and belts full of 308. :) You are probably a lardass smoker, havent run a mile in 30 years.
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    Re: only a fool like you would think you even TOUCHED me, du

    Actually you are the keyboard Commado, with is venerable silenced M-16 ducking and weaving through the countryside.

    Other than a little shit throwing you haven't refuted anything I have said, or proven in my post. [gone] Show me your facts. And your credentials while you are at it? Why are you immently more qualified than anyone else here? Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night or something?
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