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    This guy has omitted a few facets but has hit the food area very well. He did not mention first aid, com., and a host of other things but garner what you can from his E.
    Survivalist: Gathering Food<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

    This may sound like a no-brainer, but believe me, there's a lot more to gathering up survival
    supplies than just going down to your local store and stocking up on your favorite things to
    choke down. You can't just go buying all your favorite things to munch, or within a very short
    time you'll be BBQing poor old Fido for something to eat. Survivalist food is just that; survival.
    That doesn't mean you have to stick to a diet of bland boiled rice and crackers either. It means
    you use common sense and stock up on things that are going to last a long time without any
    special maintenance or care. Because let's face it: a six pack of canned tuna is going to last
    a lot longer that a six pack of Bud Light. No, it doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to those
    things, but it does mean that they're at the bottom of the list, not the top...

    Stocking up means you look for a balance between long life span, maintenance and desirability.
    If you hate creamed corn you don't buy it to make the food last longer. That's idiot. You buy stuff
    you're actually going to eat. There are a whole lot of really inexpensive food items out there that,
    with a little moxie, can become a pretty darned good dish. Take that bland rice for instance. Yes,
    rice is cheap, and it can keep darned near forever as long as you pack it in a sealed, dry container.
    But we're not Asians, and a bowl of bland rice definitely does not make us drool with anticipation.
    You can however, buy a large bottle of chicken bullion and add some of the powder to each batch
    of rice you cook, and presto! You've got something that's surprisingly tasty. And for those of you
    that are milk lovers or have small kids, you need to be stocking up on dry milk, both powdered and
    canned. Yes, it's a little expensive, but the price is going to skyrocket shortly, and make it totally
    out of reach for most people, so make the sacrifice now or forget it. Another thing to get is chocolate.
    That's going to be one of the very first things to become unreachable, quickly followed by coffee and
    tea. Stock up on these as much as you can. Buy a lot more than you think you should because
    believe me, no matter how much you buy, you're going to wish like hell you'd bought more...

    Also buy canned juices and Kool-aid packets. You won't be able to buy a bunch of pop because
    it takes up too much room and it doesn't keep over six months. Buy lots and lots of sugar, though
    I recommend buying powdered Stevia. It comes in a pound bag and will sweeten ten times more
    stuff than twenty pounds of sugar. And it's not artificial! It comes from a South American plant! In
    fact I use it all the time and it's great. As far as flour goes, buy bleached flour only! ALL flour has
    weevil eggs in it. They can't be removed. So unless the flour has been bleached to kill these eggs,
    a whole army of these little destroyers will hatch out approximately 21 days after you buy the bag.
    You've been warned. Buy canned fruits containing vitamin C, such as peaches and pears. Fresh
    fruit will be impossible to get. Meat is another big issue. Forget about steaks and chops. Buy
    whole canned chickens, tuna, corned beef, sausages, salmon and especially jerky. The stuff
    keeps for absolute ever and is very nutritious. You can even boil it for a soup. Buy lots and lots
    of bullion, both chicken and beef. Though low on nutrition, they make a whole ton of otherwise
    bland items taste just fine. Dried onions and plain garlic cloves will last as well, and are vital for
    a number of uses...

    Of course you want to stock up on the monster bags of pinto beans and rice, along with all the
    other types of lentils such as peas. Pinto beans are the closest thing chemically to meat that
    there is, and your body looks at it as meat. As far as potatoes go, buy all the powdered ones
    in every form you can get. They too, keep forever. Buy tons of salt and pepper, and every other
    spice you commonly use. I go to the dollar stores for these. A while back I bought a two pound
    jar of pepper for a buck! You just have to look for the buys. As far as cooking oil goes, believe
    it or not, PAM will last just as long as two large cans of shortening, and it takes up almost no
    room or weight. It also keeps forever. Dried fruits are great, and you can find these at just about
    every green grocer there is. They too, last forever and have all the food value of fresh fruit. Stay
    away from frozen foods or things that need refrigeration. When the power goes..and it will, so
    will that stuff. Filling a deep freeze is idiocy. If you have a pet, now's the time to stock up on
    food. Get the monster bags of dried stuff and the cheap cans of dog food, even for your cat. He
    can eat it, and you get five times the food for the same price. In a pinch you can eat it too. It
    may not be appetizing, but it's sterile and safe to eat, and will keep you alive...

    If you don't have a pet, for God's sake, don't get one! They are going to be a real liability in the
    days to come. Even a small pet eats a lot, and their food supply won't last forever. Then what?
    A word to the wise: Don't tell anyone you're socking away food! Even your most trusted friend
    will rob and kill you when he's hungry enough. Keep you mouth SHUT! That includes family
    members, especially your kids. They are young, stupid and weak willed, and can get you all
    killed. Another thing: NEVER put all your food in one place! Spread it out to several different
    locations. That way if you're robbed, you haven't lost everything. Keep one special stash all to
    yourself that only you know about. The reason for this will become painfully apparent in time.
    When times get tough and people are down to the issue of survival, the mask of civilized man
    drops off very quickly, revealing the primitive beast beneath. And people that you have always
    trusted to the bone will happily kill you and yours for your food, no matter how little there is.
    This is the ugly side of humanity, and believe me, we'll all see it...

    And one small, careless comment during some innocent conversation that you've long forgotten,
    will suddenly come to mind to some people as they are scouring their memories for sources of
    food. So beware. Keep your mouth shut! Even to those you love and trust the most. You may
    want to rebel against the very idea of this, but you had better pay heed to my words..or suffer the consequences. They won't come up to you and politely ask for some of your food, they'll sneak
    up behind you or catch you off guard and kill you where you stand. When it comes down to who
    survives; you or him, trust me, you're dead. And you know what? You'd do the same thing to feed
    your kids. It's going to become a dog eat dog world where there are few allies, and damned few
    people you can trust...

    Canned Goods:
    When choosing canned goods, always pick things that are more food than water. Most canned foods..especially vegetables, are half water. So buy all the dried fruit and veggies you can find.
    We're not out to get the tastiest things here folks. Flavor is at the bottom of the priorities list.
    We're out to survive. And weight is going to end up a huge issue. Believe me, food is heavy.
    Ever lug in a week's worth of groceries? Then you get my point. People eat one hell of a lot
    more than they think they do. All that is going to change. No more three squares and two
    snacks a day. It's going to be one meal a day, around noon, and maybe on small snack at
    night, and that's it Jack. Period. And the meal you do have is going to be simple and meager.
    Food has to stretch for God only knows how long. If you have no visible source of replenishing
    your supplies, you need to start rationing immediately, not when the food starts running low.
    The American "good times" mentality must die, or you'll die. It's that simple...

    I've heard some Christian Fundamentalists preach that hoarding food is a sin, and shows a lack
    of faith in God. I guarantee you they'll be changing that ******** tune when real hunger sets in
    and the family dog starts looking tasty. God also gave us a brain, and he expects us to use it.
    And if they want to spout Scripture, the Bible also commands us to be "wise stewards". Besides,
    the Lord helps those who help themselves. Why should he perform a miracle to feed these fools,
    when he already gave them the time, the skill, and the supplies to stock up in advance? Morons.
    They're starve in their idiocy...

    Our benevolent government is going to use food as a weapon against us to get our obedience.
    They'll dangle a hot meal and a hot shower in front of all the starving, idiot whites that refused
    to prepare, or believe that the collapse was coming. And those fools will enter those pre-fab
    government compounds..and never come out..except of course in one of those government
    bought plastic coffins. Those places will be death traps. Just another very good reason to pay
    heed to my words. Being prepared is strength. If you have food, supplies, weapons and ammo,
    you can resist the monster that's coming...

    The very first things you should buy are staples. Sugar, flour, salt (lots of salt), pepper, cooking
    oil and PAM, Stevia, rice(big, big bags), pinto beans(big bags..lots of these). Dried peas and
    black-eyed peas (they're loaded with nutrients), Big jars of beef and chicken bullion to flavor
    the rice and make soups. Coffee of all kinds..lots of it. Tea, a ton of it. Powdered orange drink,
    and lemon and orange concentrate in those small bottles. Vanilla extract, spices (large bottles),
    powdered seasoning mixes of every type. They weigh nothing and can make a really crappy
    meal taste pretty good, and this lifts spirits. And lots of powdered soup mixes. Remember,
    weight is a huge issue, and so is the life span of foods. Powdered things last forever. If you
    can buy something dried or powdered rather than canned or fresh, get the dried. It's a no-brainer.
    Some places still sell powdered eggs, and if you can find them, get them. They're tolerable to
    eat, and they're a great source of animal protein...

    The very wisest thing to do with your food is to store it in those five gallon plastic tubs. You
    know, the kind a large batch of house paint comes in. You can buy new ones at the hardware
    store, and at many wholesalers and outlets. These things are thick, tough, and they can't rust
    or degrade. And they're waterproof! Snap that lid on tight and you can float them in a river and
    the food will remain dry. I personally double-bag my food in thick, black garbage bags and tie
    them off really good, then a stick that inside the tub. And if I'm going to bury it, which a lot of
    us do, I double bag the tub as well and seal it good. Then the stuff will last underground for
    a century. I use the same technique for weapons, ammo, and other "contraband", which to
    "them" is anything that can be used to resist this evil regime. Storage is a very big deal guys,
    as is where you hide your food. Use your head, not your heart. Be a warrior. We're all going
    to have to buckle on that mantle whether we like it or not...

    The bottom line is think. Use you head when gathering supplies. Think about what you'll need.
    Keep a log, and record all the things you use and run out of in a month. You'll be amazed at
    all the things you forgot to add. But remember, we can't be like Lucy and pack fifty suitcases
    for the trip. Keep it small as possible and keep it simple. If you already have a haven to weather
    out the storm at, then you can stock up until the rafters bust. But if your situation is fluid, you
    need to bury as much as you can in strategic places all over the place, then pack only what you
    and yours are able to carry. Food will be just as vital as your weapon. Remember that. Many an
    army lost the war because of hunger. Fun is not the operative word here, the word is survival...


    "Cowards do not deserve freedom."--Joom
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    quoting scriptures about stocking up is a
    my old english bible says to save up food over six years
    and let the land and yourself rest for the 7th year
    something farmers should really look into
    it does help the land
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    hi all!!

    yes, food storage is super important, but we must not neglect the other needs of survival. first aid is very important as well. take a course now and get those kits built!
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    Just sanded, primed, and painted my radio (EMP) box. It is sheet metal about 17"X17"X33" and will house the short wave, CB base, and a few hand helds plus a couple of simple antennas. Will have room to toss in some co-ax also. Lining it with "astro turf" to isolate the sides from touching the radios. Will seperate each part with cardboard also.
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    did ya ground the box good?
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    You do NOT have to put Antennas or Coax in the EMP Box, as they are passive in nature, and are not subject to EMP destruction, if just left unconnected.
    If you just bury your Box, under a foot of Good earth, you do NOT have to worry about things touching the metal insides of the Box. ..... YMMV...
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    Like to keep things together. That way they do not get lost or damaged. Will not bury this box but ground it very well.
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    I have never had that problem with flour. Never. What brand are you buying?
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    People know about my storage. I needed help several times to secure, or process the food, and they know about how much I have and so on. I'm going to have to get creative to store it anywhere else, I can't bury it on my property, because it's not mine and it's all cemented. The people that know have their own food storage, but not as much as I. I have customers who have seen me bringing in bag after bag, wondering what I was doing, I just said I buy my food in bulk.

    Too many people know. I wonder what I should do.

    Option #1 Superior Firepower, intimidate and scare them. Be a hard target, but this will only go so far.

    Option #2 Move it, but I don't have anywhere to go, or at least, nothing comes to mind.
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