Some Iraq Maneuvers of the Past

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Brokor, Feb 2, 2009.

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    For anybody who may be interested in some semi-recent maneuvers in Iraq, of this past year before the current transition taking place...

    We had a pretty tough time, lost plenty of vehicles -but none KIA thankfully. The exact logistics still cannot be authorized for release, but the articles give a pretty decent account, despite the fact that the embedded journalist with us was a bit biased, as was made obvious in other articles.
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    I know what you are going through, my engineer unit had over 100 ied dets, with on KIA and a lot of WIA's. BTW, we had over 600 find/clears to our belt when we left.
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    That's a hell of a tally! Sometimes I think that those RC teams are just [loco] for all the work they do. When they were clearing the routes to the mission I linked above, the number of ied's was incredible, and they lost a crapload of vehicles....I have no idea how many to be certain. To this day, I cannot be more thankful for their efforts, though. It turned out that once we figured out that the insurgents were using AT mines which were planted with the safeties intact, and pulling the string tied to them to activate late at night at random intervals, we turned it all around on them and kept them on guard enough to conduct the missions. It sucked, though...rolling over live mines with safeties on one day, then at night having them blow up on us. Sneaky little [rnt]
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