Some Nice SW Receivers for Sale, Real Reasonable.....

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by BTPost, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Some very nice SW Radios for sale, should any of my Monkey Friends be looking.....

    Hello. I have a number of SW radios to sell. I also have a Sangean
    CC radio for sale. It is in very good condition. Not sure of price
    but somewhere in the $40 range is what I was thinking. Here are the
    SW radios that I have:

    Bearcat DX-1000
    Radio Shack DX-440
    Radio Shack DX-370

    The Bearcat is in good condition with slight oxidation on the
    handle(s) and the main tuning knob is a bit wobbly but works just
    fine. $125 plus shipping. I have it listed on eham site and here is
    actual picture of radio:

    The DX-440 is in great working condition and good cosmetic
    condition. $70 plus postage.
    I am asking $35 for the DX-370 plus postage.
    From: LukeP <>

    This came of a Radio Usenet Post.... Buyer Beware.... as I have NO connection to the Seller, or the Radios....
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    another source of used radios

    There are two sites on the web where you can 'shop' for used radios and both have a classified sections where radios old and new(er) are offered.

    Two tips, asking price is rarely the selling price, it's worth asking. Ask how the equipment will be shipped. Just because the seller has a ham callsign is no proof against a scam.

    I have used both sites to buy and sale radios with good luck, but always ask for specifics on condition, what works or does not and so on. The seller may assume you know how to repair (fill in the name of the radio here) so ask.

    Have fun, Short wave radio is often a better source of international news that anything you will find on the tiib.
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    Do you still have the equipment?
  4. BTPost

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    These we advertised on Usenet, back a month or so ago. Stuff was fairly cheap, and that is why I posted them. I suspect that they are long gone by now. You can check the posted link url to be sure, or eMail the fellow From: LukeP <>
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