Some Portland Police are Not State Certified.....

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    Handful of Portland police officers carried beanbag shotguns for years but

    Here's a look at the past week's news on Portland police, in case you've missed the stories or couldn't locate them:

    Public records released Thursday from the Portland police bureau's internal review of fired Officer Dane Reister's shooting of William Kyle Monroe in June 2011 revealed that Reister never should have been carrying the beanbag shotgun that he mistakenly loaded with double 00 buckshot instead of the less-lethal beanbag.

    And Reister was not alone - but one of at least a handful of officers who had been carrying the less-lethal shotgun on the street for years, but had never been certified to use it, the records show.

    The city of Portland initially denied the release of the documents in response to public records requests from The Oregonian and Portland Mercury, but the city was ordered to make them public by the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office. The Multnomah County District Attorney's office passed the matter to Clackamas to avoid any conflict of interest, as Reister faces criminal prosecution in Multnomah County for the shooting.

    Portland's human resources director Anna Kanwit spoke out this week to defend the city's proposed protection for officers who may unknowingly have steroids in their system from taking "unlabeled sports supplements.'' The new protection is part of the tentative four-year contract deal the city reached with the Portland Police Association.

    That deal, which grants a 5 percent premium pay increase to patrol sergeants, also has stirred dissension among the ranks. The union ballots on the tentative agreement will be counted on Tuesday.

    And, a former Portland veteran police officer Joseph Hanousek this week challenged a state police certification agency's proposal to revoke his police certification stemming from an alleged off-duty accidental discharge of his firearm.

    The police policy committee of the state Department of Public Safety Standards and Training voted Thursday afternoon to recommend Hanousek's certification be revoked for his lifetime, due to their finding that he was untruthful or dishonest, and engaged in gross misconduct. I'll update that story later today.
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    Bean bag or 00 buckshot...honest mistake, not. [OO]
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