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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oddcaliber, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Oddcaliber

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    Stopped by Firehouse Subs for lunch and while waiting for my food I glanced at the TV. Saw a commercial for Wise foods and the caption read, Don't depend on the government to help you! This was on ESPN! I find it refreshing for this network to be politically incorrect. But hay, they have bills to pay.
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  2. SB21

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    Damn, good for them,,,, I suddenly feel like buying some " Wise " potato chips ,,,,
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  3. DKR

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    WISE is not food. It is, at best, Chow.
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  4. sec_monkey

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  5. DKR

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    Dry kibbles would be better - WISE is full of chemicals.
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  6. oldman11

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    Mountain House,is the best freeze dried food on the market,but It costs
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  7. Oddcaliber

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    Guys,I totally agree that Mountain House is is the best. Stock plenty of it.
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  8. DKR

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    Here is a good test

    Try to find images of the OFD plant. You see any number of photos of the inside of their food prep, cooking and vacuum machines.

    Look for WISE plant images. Good luck, I found one image, since removed.

    OFD is FDA certified. OFD sells to the military, and is inspected by the same folks.

    OFD food is all US sourced. WISE - well, it's a crapshoot if the food is from China, Peru or wherever.

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