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    The appended link has a few pages of useful downloads, mostly in .pdf format. There are a couple of files of handy campfire cooking recipes, and a number of other guides and manuals with useful info.

    Edit: here's another site with a cornacopia of downloadable prepper / survival files covering a vast range of topics.

    Free Downloads

    Edit: Southernprepper1 Youtube channel. He has some interesting stuff, some useful stuff, and some stuff...well...YMMV. You may glean some worthwhile stuff from his videos.

    southernprepper1 - YouTube
    Retreat Preparedness |

    Edit: 31 Jan 2013.....A wonderful site focussed on home canning and preserving with a number of free downloads

    Free Publications to Download Here about Home Canning, Freezing,Preserving and Makign Jams and Jellies!
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    Thanks for the links.
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    Great links!
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