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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I arrived at Freedom Park this morning at 08:00 to a standing room only crowd that soon overwhelmed the street as well. Once the march started, Myself and party of four held a large American Flag for 1.5 hours until we finally joined the procession down Pennsylvania Avenue. There were still people behind us for as far as we cold see but lets pretend that we were the tail end of the procession. Penn Ave is 10 lanes wide, if you count the median. Google Earth and scale from Freedom Park to the steps of the Capitol building, multiply this by the width of the street and divide by a generous five square feet per person. Multiply this by 2.5 as it took us one hour to march from Freedom Park to the Capitol building (lets not count the people that kept arriving for another half hour after my group got there). Now compare this number of people to the "tens of thousands" of people that the MSM is reporting showed up. Surprised? I wasn't.
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    Couldn't find the route on Google Earth (where is Freedom Park?) but a quick calc (assuming 8 twelve foot lanes, very conservative) and your 5 ft sq per person (which I would guess a bit smaller than real while moving, probably right for standing still. 10 would be more realistic, I think, to give walking room) that is over 101K bodies per mile of route. Tens of thousands might be a bit short of real if the route was fully packed, start to end. Maybe more like low hundreds of Ks.
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    where can i find tv coverage ??
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    i'm not good at this kinda problem, but here goes........

    5,280 ft one mile, divided by 5 ft. = 1,056 people front to back

    8 traffic lanes x 12 ft = 96 ft divided x 2 = 48 people across

    1,056 x 48 = 50,688 people per one mile, x 2.5 miles = 126, 720 people.

    great turn out, and one not to be ignored. thank you for going, seacowboys.

    loved pelosi's nose job, lol
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    Awesome, give em' hell Sea!
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    I got this off of a facebook page. Don't know where the info came from.

    The march on Washington yesterday was the largest in the history of America. Martin Luther King had between 200,000-300,000 in 1963. The Million Man march had between 300,000(National Park estimate)-400,000 (march leader's estimate.) Yesterday's march D.C. police estimate 1.2 million. National Park estimate 1.5 million. Other articles place it closer to 2 million people.
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