"Someone needs to be held accountable"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jan 8, 2013.

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    I can't even comment.
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    I could comment, but I'm a gentleman, so I won't
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    Awesome. Those kids are innocent in all of this, and that is the greatest tragedy.
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    I wonder who was responsible for choosing her children's fathers??? I wonder who was responsible for not limiting the frequency of pregnancy and the enlargement of her family size by not taking birth control measures in a consistent and timely manner??? I wonder who was responsible for not selecting potential father material who was honest, hard working, respectable, responsible and good providers for their family?? I wonder who was responsible for not using the word NO! often enough not to have a family as large as she had??

    In looking for who is responsible, she need not look further than her own nose....and don't blame the Catholic Church....sensibly, many Catholics don't follow the Papal line on birth control.
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    ".....From those according to their ability, to those according to their need......" The parasites are taking over.
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    When have I been known to keep my mouth shut? This female welfare slug is a human piece of crap. She is right only in that someone does need to be held accountable ....HER !!! She needs to stand in front of a mirror look that worthless slug in the eye, point and say, "Yes you b*tch! It's your damn fault." She needs to go down to the local office of Children and family services, request sterilization, and after the operation go back and dump the kids into state care, (at least on a temp basis), until she could either make a life for herself as a useful member of society or die trying. I owe this worthless piece of crap nothing! I was not one of her parents. I did not deny her an education. I did not tell her to waste her life screwing and conceiving children with multiple partners of poor character. My guess is she also has a criminal record as well as drugs and alcohol in her personal history that makes her a perfect choice in any human relations hiring department for any kind of job.
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    I agree completely with this. However, I see nothing to gain by returning these children to this so called "parent" unless she can support herself and them without welfare or breaking the law.
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    The kids are in state custody.
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    They should terminate her rights and adopt them all out. Maybe that way we can at least salvage some of them as decent members of society.
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    On the positive side as far as we know she didn't murder unborn baby's by aborting them. The dr should have accidentally removed something on child 5.

  12. MADAK

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    I have written several responses to this but none acurately sum up my sadness and anger, at this individual and those that support her. Someone does need to be held accountable and it's not just her but the entire system that supports her and encourages this behavior to continue. Our society is on notice this cannot be allowed to continue. I can understand needing help I have been there but I made a choice to not live like that any more I thank god and my wife everyday I am not this person or someone like her.
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    Interesting cartoon....but like much partisan political (dark) satire, it is logically fallacious. Not enough credit is given to protestant supporters of both the "liberal" and "conservative" sides of politics, and it does not address the grim reaper's own pretty impressive efforts via spontaneous abortions and miscarriages....yes...abortion by natural misadventure is a "normal", but regrettable consequence of the "fall" of Adam and Eve......somehow humans are not permitted to have any agency in deciding under what circumstances a pregnancy will continue to full term.

    I am confident that there are fiscal conservatives who have no particular commitment to social conservatism who have also added their contribution to the total, as have Catholics that do not support Obama. But don't let logical reasoning get in the way of some good wholesome Obama bashing (however justified).
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