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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by CATO, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. CATO

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    This is neat...I would be interested in trying it out.
  2. Seawolf1090

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    Very interesting! I put that on a camping forum I am on, to see if anyone might have direct experience with it. Here in sunny Florida,we always have some deadwood around us for free fuel.
  3. Alpha Dog

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    That could be a very useful, I would like to try one out but I wonder how much money they will be asking. If worked well and reliable could turn out to be a life saver.
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  4. chelloveck

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    We usually have some deadwood here in Australia also.

    We have the same kind of deadwood here in Australia: despite being usually alcohol sodden...politicians don't tend to burn too brightly, and they are renowned for the toxic stench that they emit when buried than burned. : O

    It looks like a good bit of kit....a means of charging batteries at night when solar is not viable has to be a plus.
  5. Dogfood

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    Thats a really cool idea. I'm going to preorder one $129 not a bad price for a good hiking stove plus the cost saving on fuel. I hope they build them to stand up to hard use as things can take a beating in your pack.
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  6. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    No $129.00 is not bad I didn't see the price I think Im going to try one as well.
  7. CATO

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    I don't think they are out yet. I put my name on the signup list to get one as soon as they do. I will post a review after I try it out.
  8. CATO

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    I would really like to have some gizmo to show how much power the USB port is putting out vs a wall socket vs a computer.
  9. Byte

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    Something here may be of use to you? This guy built what he calls a 'USB drawbox' to measure what different peripherals draw from a USB circuit. Shouldn't one be able to measure the max amperage coming through the USB port? Maybe a male USB cable plugged into the port with a meter clipped to the stripped leads? Should allow one to directly measure the mA being generated. Some type of device could be plugged into a whole cable with leads spliced in to allow the load to be measured also.

    I just know enough about electricity to catch my hair on fire...

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  10. ColtCarbine

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    Thank you for sharing this, it would be cool if they develop these into larger units also. There is no shortage of wood around here, lots of free fuel laying about to use it.
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  11. gunbunny

    gunbunny Never Trust A Bunny

    Fantastic, the future growth potential of this device is enormous. Especially in the home stove.
  12. TheEconomist

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    I would like more practicallity out of this.
  13. kckndrgn

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    BioLite - boil water and charge batteries at the same time

    Saw this today on

    BioLite stoves make cooking on wood as clean, safe and easy as modern fuels while generating electricity to charge phones, lights and other electronics off-grid.

    The device converts thermal energy to electrical energy to aid in combustion and to us on other devices.

    Interesting idea, thoughts? Looks like the price is around $130, hmm but not yet shipping.
  14. Tracy

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  15. ghrit

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  16. DKR

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    I looked around for any hard data - the best I could find was "One or two watts".

    This gizmo
    puts out 10 Watts.

    And it costs 49.95 - but you can't make coffee with it...
  17. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    Vaporware at its best

    $130 for a small wood stove - they might put out an extra 1 or 2 watts of USB power? Nyet.


    THis puts out 10 watts and costs $49.95 - and you can use it indoors.
    (K-Tor pocket socket)
  18. goinpostal

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    You know you can chuck a crank handle into an 18v cordless drill,add a couple wires,and a 12v socket.
    With a steady cranking it will produce an average of 14.4v@ about 5amps.
    That is enough to power my baby 100watt inverter.
    Chuck in a set of blades,and put a couple up in the air on pole's,and they would be a good addition to a small PV solar setup for charging,and maintaining a battery bank.
    How many cordless drills get tossed every day?Once the battery goes bad,they usually get tossed.
  19. kckndrgn

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    note: two threads have been merged.

    The one time I don't search to see if something was posted, it was, oh well, such is life :)
  20. BTPost

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    I noticed that No Where on their Website, do they document exactly how much power his contraption will put out, or any documentation on the device itself. Peltier Junction Power Generation is a well documented, and understood way to convert Temperature Differences across the Pile into electrical energy. It is a very inefficient way to generate electricity, but as a secondary use of the Heat Source, would be nice if there was some significant Power Generated. I have a commercial TEG Unit (ThermalElectric Generator) that burns 1.0 USG of Propane every 24 hours and will make 240 Watts of Power or 5.76 KwH of useable power. New this unit cost about $6KUS. USB 2.0 is by Definition, No more than a MAXIMUM of 5 Amps @ 5 Vdc, or 25 watts. At that rate it will take a while to charge up any devices. ..... YMMV....

    Well, Not exactly Matt.....
    5 Amps @ 14.5 Vdc = 73 Watts Not including Losses. ..... YMMV....
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