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    Here is something i would like to know about for a friend ..I have talked to BTPost about this today and i would like to run it past you guys here

    We have talked about setting up a four power system for her place in Alaska with the following items

    1-solar system for summer and spring and fall use

    2-small wind turbine system for use diff times of the year

    3-small honda EU3000.watt gas gen set with bult inverter system for use as it need dureing the times that the other three can not produceing enough power to charge the battery bank ..

    4-victory gasworks gasifier model the hotwatt model with small gas gen set up for running the chargeing system dureing the winter times

    So what do you think abut the systme ..We talked today on the phone about her power needs at her place there in alaska and the long term power needs before and after the event
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    Small gasoline generators are not for long-term use. They overheat easily, and require quite a bit of maintenance, because they are simply not designed to run for very long, only for emergency power in short durations or for recreational use.

    I also try to steer people away from thinking in terms of an "event". The reason to prep for off-grid living is because the long term trends in the economy point to a long term decline in standards of living, which could be greatly exacerbated by a natural or man-made disaster.
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    Mornin' Hank. I would stick with BTPost on this one, as lives up there in cold country and would certainly be better versed on what will work and what will not. Most of us down here don't really have a clue.
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    In general, I agree with the above statement, EXCEPT, that in the "Context" of this thread, where the OP listed a Honda 3000i Inverter/Genset as the Genset of choice, for this system. This series of Honda Inverter/Gensets have a very GREAT, long term operational history. I have a close neighbor, (close = 10 Sq Miles) that has a 2000i that has over 15K operational hours on it. All he has ever done was change the SparkPlug, and done the OEM spec'd Routine Maintenance, of LubeOil changes every 100 Operational Hours. He now uses that genset as a backup, and has a newer one, that is his Primary. He has no Inverter/Battery system for his place, and his genset is his only Electrical Energy Source. It runs his Lights, Laptop, SAT based Internet, Cellphone, Cellphone Amp, and his CPAP Breathing Machine, for his Sleep Apnea. This Series Honda Gensets have proved themselves in my country, and are very popular for Backup Power for Solar Inverter/Battery Off-Grid Systems. YMMV.....
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    Good to know about the Honda 3000i.
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