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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by hank2222, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. hank2222

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    I have a family member who is a local cop out here in Valley of the Sun and he had a older Glock M34 that he was replacing with a new model of the Glock M35 verison for on duty use .

    He and i was talking about it and he wanted to swap me my 1911 carry pistol with mags and some ammo i have for it along with he would have all the mods done to the M34 to make it fit me like his duty pistol that he carrys along with mags and ammo for it .

    Sometime in the middle of a S---storm you can come up smelling like a rose someday's [monkeyeating]
  2. freedom first

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    I would rather keep the 1911.
    But thats just me.
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  3. hank2222

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    I'm having major problems with my right hand when it came to moving the safety off prostion to the fire prostion and i went to the doctor he said it basic a combo of Ra and Carpal tunnel syndome .

    So it going to handgun that has no basic extenal style safety to push off and the glock fits the bill in that area .
  4. tacmotusn

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    Hmmmm, I know very little about glocks, but some things stick in my mind and are not forgotten. Prime example would be the slide cracking problems with the early military berrettas. Another would be the recent story about early/older glocks becoming brittle. The question then pops up, how early is this glock you are considering. You might want to do a little more research before you make a mistake. Then again maybe it is nothing and this problem does not apply to your "older" glock. [dunno]
  5. GrandpaDave

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    Look if your having trouble thumbing the safety off then you did good in your trade... period...

    However... even a newbie gunsmith could have fitted an extended safety or just pinned it in the fire position for ya... lots of those Texas Ranger types used to carry with no safety at all..
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  6. Alpha Dog

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    I've shot Glocks for years and no problems carried on and off duty. I think alot of the problems thats coming to surface is ammo related alot of dept use Blazer on range because it's cheap and it causes problems when on the range. I also have two 1911 wouldn't take a farm in Georgia for them. If you can shoot it and it feels good you won't have any problems and when you break it down just look at the frame around the trigger if it's worn bad or cracked Im positive Glock will fix it. All of mine has had range time and alot of it and no problems all firearms are subject to wear.
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    Pistols are similar to shoes; they fit or they don't and we all prefer different type or style of shoe.
    It must fit you. Then it is easy to like.. ;)
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    And some still have that limp!
  9. chelloveck

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    Would a real Real McCoy even contemplate selling his gun?

    I never knew that Granpa Amos McCoy was a Texas Ranger before retiring to his farm.

    Real McCoys- Grandpa Sells his Gun (pt 1) - YouTube
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    i know that some of the early glocks had problems but in the years that follow the glock platform has gotten better .

    The thumb movement to move the safety off has gotten to a point where it can not be done without a great deal of pain .So it the glock or a revolver and i want something with a magazine if i have to deal with a problem
  11. maleaco

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    Supposedly they exploded lol[​IMG]
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