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    Soros questions <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(209,209,225); COLOR: rgb(209,209,225)" SIZE=1> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> Since the obamination appears to take his fiscal ( blackberry ) inputs from Soros , I ask the following:

    1. Since obamination made a large sum of money available for the gain of Soros in Petrobras, is it not logical to inquire "Quo Bene "(WHO BENEFITS ) if our economy and currency crashes?
    2. Who benefits from a drilling hiatus???
    3. Since Soros just openly "dissed" Merkle about not spending Germany into penury, is it not clear that he also has a vast fiscal gain plan that is awaiting "spendocrats" in all nations to ruin their fiat currencies and economies?
    4. Why is that the obamination has not understood the disaster of the Wiemar Republic's inflation and collapse yet Merkle has?
    5. Why is it that centralized planning, AKA " Fiscal Reform " has never ever worked yet it is being imposed upon us now? Again I ask, Quo Bene?
    6. At what point does obamination's fiscal corruption rise to the level of an impeachment? --- Post elections????
    7. Since we are at war with terrorism, ( yes I know Overseas Contingency Operation) when does aiding and abetting foreign interests ahead of our own nations self preservation become an act of treason???????[​IMG]

    Laus Deo
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