Sorry, Lady Luck --I'm sitting my happy ass out on this one

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    Given the recent political climate, I thought it would be wise to share some insight from a slightly alternative perspective for a change. You may be accustomed to the whimpering of a left-leaning bleeding heart, or the ranting from a die-hard conservative type, but I am neither. I simply am.

    Why are you so surprised that Hillary got another "get out of jail-free card" by the FBI? If Trump becomes your President, the corporate oligarchy will still exist and you will be right back at this point in another 4 to 8 years. Granted, Hillary is the very embodiment of stagnant smegma, but at least she will bring about the culmination of events which will lead to a quicker ending, too. I mean, what's worse, really? Praying to an imaginary being, living all angry and frightened and claiming you have some right to liberty when not a single human in America has been born free in the first place ---or--- accepting the challenge, lock and load, take part in the revolution and send that bitch straight to hell. Either way, no matter how this turns out, expecting the popular vote to determine the outcome is a lot like cheering for your favorite retard in the special Olympics. The Electoral College is a farce. The popular vote only grants legitimacy to the illusion, to the charade. You may see this as a "corrupted system", or if you are extremely delusional, a "system" that can actually be repaired, but you are mistaken, my friend. The only way through this is to brave the storm. To stand and fight. To resist. And, if all goes well, take it apart, brick by brick and hire stone masons to rebuild who aren't the type to chant in dark rooms behind locked doors making promises to ancient deities. But, it also means accepting change for what it is. Things aren't "good" right now. Hell, we are barely hanging on, here. We tell ourselves we have some freedoms, but it isn't freedom, it's "freedumb". You can't have just "a little bit" of tyranny -either you live free, either you have liberty, or you live as a slave. We are in an even worse situation, we live as slaves --and we live in denial. These trying times are tough, I get it. People have children, wives, husbands, elderly parents, dreams, ambitions, hobbies, electricity and automobiles, even the Walking Dead on AMC every week. The average IQ is getting so low, we don't even recognize the reason why everything is single serving and individually wrapped. It's not for our convenience, it's because Americans are fat, lazy, and stupid as fuck. Look, the corporations got into the government business a very long time ago. Until enough people realize we're not just resisting "government", but the corporate age itself, we're just going to keep rotating in a circle like a ship at sea without a rudder. FOCUS. Even if we have to burn the entire motherfucker down to rebuild it right, that is what we will do if that's what it takes. Stay focused. Stand ready.

    When I think about liberty, I envision a world without government. Now, to some, that's a frightening thing. Immediately, thoughts of rampant violence, rape, forced sodomy on farm animals, and children telling you, "Fuck you, Dad. I'm a free Bitch, baby!" come to mind. It's a shame that the label 'Anarchy' is assigned to everything violent and that which is diametrically opposed to 'civilized society'. But, what really makes your society "civilized", anyway? I'll keep you from burning out the cranial nerves --it's electricity. Electricity, and everything that comes with it, keeps the modern society content and operational. It's what fuels the enterprising machine of capitalism (which is really corporatism) and every pasty-doughed kid cheerful and warm in the winter when they are snuggled up on the couch watching the indoctrination tube broadcast subliminal thoughts to make your job as a parent easier. Without electricity, we're all just a bunch of apes with fancy clothes. Hell, we wouldn't even have power tools. Fuck the off grid people, I know you're all set. I'm talking about the vast majority, here. You know, the swaths of people who will murder and pillage as soon as the food and water runs low and there's no sign of help. And what about the help, anyway? If Hurricane Katrina was any sign of what FEMA can do, you had better have every last fucking deity on your side in the flesh and taking point when the shit hits the fan.

    I'm always torn between my split nature -this duality. On one hand, I want to support fellow patriots, but they make it so damn hard with this incessant bickering over party politics. Look, if your candidate of choice hasn't cut the heads off your rivals by now and pissed down their gurgling necks, then he's not the motherfucker I recommend voting for, period. There's no rebuilding a shit pile, I am sorry to break this to you. We're living in the architecture of our ancestors, people who studied and believed in the very same ancient philosophies we, ourselves are caught in. We could be living in energy efficient dwellings modeled part inside the ground to maximize heating and cooling. We could be generating our own electricity, every one of us. But, here we are...tied into the same corporate power grid, working at jobs we fucking hate (mostly) to fill our inefficient domiciles with useless shit we don't need. And it's Republican or Democrat, you say. I want a fucking bulldozer.

    On the other hand, I deeply respect and sometimes even champion the prospect of Anarchy. I do not fancy "government", I absolutely despise everything it stands for, both in the philosophical context and in practice --but especially in practice. I also know that we cannot get from "here" to "there" without a great deal of trial and effort. I know we can learn a great deal from the past, and I am as much of an ardent patriot and Constitutionalist as *some* of the Framer's would have been if they could have experienced just one tenth of the mindfuck we see today. To me, it just makes sense. This is after many years of studying and resisting the Anarchist philosophies, too. And even now, I still find myself wanting to thump some foolish punk who believes he has it all figured out because he can grasp the concept of government=force but cannot fathom community participation without claiming it's "just like government". No, Imagine, if you will, your own urban/rural area. Now, imagine it without having to pay taxes or answer to any uniformed or suit wearing moron, ever. That's what I am talking about. It's not too difficult to see once we dispel the myth that "government creates security and stability". The more you research or read what I have to say, the quicker you will realize the error in your programming.

    I am deeply sorry to have to inform Lady Luck that, this election year, I am sitting this one out. My bulldozer isn't quite ready yet it seems.
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    Well the only alternative to government is anarchy and might makes right. Quite frankly I'm not ready to answer the door every day with shot gun in hand.

    I don't like how grabby our current government has gotten and you can't get away from government. People disagree and you have to have a way to solve disagreements without resorting to 'might is always right'

    Perhaps it could be backed down if we threw out the current rules and went back to local governing. The trouble is... how do you do that?
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    Hell Girl, I've been doing that for years!!:D

    Not really-it's behind the door unless we don't recognize the truck pulling up, or its dark out..
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    The free market will answer most issues on its own, even if some are too difficult to manage. To the framers of our Constitution, to have freedom is a sufferable deal compared to the alternative of the certainty that government will ultimately seek to control every aspect of our lives. Some of the early Presidents and framers like Washington and Franklin equated government to "wildfire", as it undoubtedly always burns and consumes everything that is good. We started with a very limited government which grew into a corporate controlled oligarchy with unchecked power. The trade-off with anarchist ideology is that the people have all the power, only it isn't in a collectivist model, so even with the space for harm to be done, it will be minimized when compared to the ubiquitous role of a centralized government. Try not to misunderstand, at this point in time I feel as if it's too late to even debate solutions to current problems since we've had more than several generations indoctrinated to falsely believe in the efficacy of government and all it stands for. Worse still is the assumption that we're protected by government, when the evidence proves it's entirely invested in creating terror for profit and seeks to undermine the very tenets of the Constitution at all levels.

    The one point I always argued in support for minimalist governance is national security. But, as time draws on, I see us being embroiled in war after war, and for what? The age of the corporation must come to an end, and anything short of this will result in more of the same. We know that corporations profit through war, and there is an effort to globalize their ventures. We know that rights are not derived from government, but that doesn't stop special interest groups from preying upon the people in an attempt to legitimize public policy making. We can train, fund, and staff enough of a modern fighting force to protect our borders through state organized militias without the need for corporations and Federal "government" intervention. But, if we're going to talk about invading other nations, that's where the ball drops, so to speak. I cannot really envision a need for any free country to invade another, when defense is all that's required. But, I am not an expert on this level of planning. Yes, there are shortcomings to anarchy. The question is, are these shortcomings less, or more of a threat to individual liberty and the well being of a nation than that of collectivist government?

    I keep thinking about the Civil War and the fight for State's rights. With the formation of the United States after the war, the States lost a valuable and crucial prerogative which was central to what was protected by the 10th Amendment. With everything centralized, and the wartime measures enacted (and the corporate takeover), the people today really have a huge obstacle to overcome to ever gain back even a legitimate representative government, let alone maintain liberty. The end result is unfortunately cemented in solid form with the only possibility remaining -entirely destroy what exists. Now, I'm not advocating anything, but I would like to point out that we're under attack daily by gun grabbing politicians who seek to disarm the people and an ever pressing psychological war waged on the people by a corporate media who maintains their dominance over the control and spread of information. How do the people move from 'here' to 'there', and return America to what it once was with so much in the way?

    An idealist would say something like, "inform yourselves and spread the message to get more involved", but that's the kicker -an idealist wouldn't even see all of the obstacles in the way to actually make progress. Sure, we could have an uprising, we could have civil unrest and protests and petition the "government". But, without fully understanding where we really are, what's at stake, and ultimately where we should go, we're not going to make progress. And the hardest thing of all is getting to stage 1 in the first place. Most people, and I feel quite comfortable making this assertion, but most people are not willing to give up their comfort and the possibility of their lives than those of their families to fight an oppressive oligarchy at this point. Period.

    And so, we continue onward into the fire toward globalism and despotism, like a freight train on full speed with no brakes.
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