sorry, you can only withdraw $100 this week

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 12, 2012.

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    They start that they'll really cause a mess when people stop making deposits at all.
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    Hell, at that point I'm going to be asking for my paycheck in PMs, gasoline and land patents or a mixture there of.
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    Glad I dont use ATM's or any of that new hi-tech horsecocky!
    I keep my gold stashed in places MUCH better than any bank. All bills pain in person and in cash. Anything else gets a pre-paid Visa card or USPS money order.
    I do have one credit card I keep with a low limit for emergency use (emergency flight to family, rental car, etc.) and I keep that under dual lock and key and it doesnt get used with any frequency.
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    Already had that happen here once...B of A said could only have $200 when I had direct deposit... I was told it was the feds that made the rules, so I called them...that officer is NO longer employed at B of A!
  6. TheEconomist

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    Wow, great find. Banks runs are bad for banks and those in power...but they protect the people!
  7. I try to keep a relatively low bank balance.

    Tangibles baby tangibles.
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    Makes me glad I quit using banks nearly 20 years ago.
  9. Alpha Dog

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    I put just enough in to pay bills and keep the rest safe at home, and the day I deposite I go straight and pay the bill.

    I've started investing in other forms of currency along with some old family money...Makes me feel safer.
  10. Tikka

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    For many Americans and Euros the day of the live check are gone. Which makes controlling withdrawals easy.
  11. VisuTrac

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    100 per week? well as long as i can write checks to pay my bills and barter doesn't become illegal.

    Actually, the money goes in weekly, bills get paid weekly, cause i am paid weakly.
  12. geo

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    thats why I tell many people who are new to survival to always build up a stash of cash. In today's world, something like this could go into place in seconds.. not even enough to make one last run to the bank, so it pays to have PMs and Cash at home in a safe place.

    I keep low denominations, and change rolled as well. Cant hurt.
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    This subject kind of worries me. My pay is direct deposited. Yes, I can withdraw and keep a stash of cash. But what if at some future time it is declared not legal tender? And I have heard the gold and silver guys. How do you make change for common transactions? " You want a pound of my rice? That big shiney gold looking coin will do." Obviously, being a good Monkey, I have a large stash of my own rice, but just saying that PM transactions will not be easy. Thinking of buying new tires and rims and storing them for the next tire replacement. Gasoline has a storage life, plus the hazard. Anyone have ideas about what future material goods you could/ should store?
  14. Silversnake

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    Silver has value as a PM, but it also has useful value as to a prepper. Silver coins were added to water canisters by plains pioneers in the 19th century to keep pathogens from being such an issue. Silver soldering can be used to repair steel firearms, tools and machines. Colloidal silver can be made for medicinal purposes. Plus the value of a silver coin is much less than gold coins of equal weight, so making change is not such an issue.

    For barter, store what you use and may need. Odds are, others will need them too and will consider bartering for them. Also, if your stores look like they are for you, they will be less likely to seem like hoarding for barter.

  15. CATO

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    Think of things that you can have thousands of, but still fit them in something small

    .22lr shells
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