Source 3L Water Bladder and 1L Kangaroo Canteen

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Hanzo, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Hanzo

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    SOURCE WXP 3L / 100oz Storm Valve Hydration System

    SOURCE Tactical Hydration Kangaroo 1L Collapsible Canteen

    I have both of these. Rarely use the 1L, but thinking I might when going light. But I rarely go light on water when I am with a group or puppy.

    Lately, I have been taking a 40 ounce insulated bottle for puppy's iced water. And the Israeli 3L bladder for me. I don't take three liters though. But I like the size. I usually put about a liter of water, a whole bunch of ice, then squeeze the air out to let it go flat. It fits perfectly in the back sleeve of my Tarahumaru pack.

    What I like best is the drink valve. Notice I did not say bite valve. Pull the valve open and you can suck from it or use gravity an it works like a spigot. Puppy loves drinking from it in spigot mode.

    And big top opening makes filling up and cleaning up easy.

    My Kangaroo is an old one with the drinking port. But it can also use the hose attachment making hydration on the go easy.

    I still love my canteen and canteen cup. And may just take that. But if going long, I would add the Heavy Cover canteen and cup too. I guess I have been on hard hikes and ran out of water, so rather carry what I believe to be enough. Especially when it is hot. And it is pretty hot in Hawaii.

    So today, like most days, I carry about 70 ounces of water. And by the time we were done, we had just enough left to get our bandanas wet and ice cold to put on our faces and necks. Heaven.
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    I found that while hiking water was more likely to get you a date than anything else.
    Tourist girls you know da kind
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    One thing is we never know when we are going to turn an ankle or some other injury that will slow us up or we will have to wait on retrieval or worse we have to intercede with a individual or group that did not plan.

    I don't hike I did enough of that in the day. I know that when your hurt you need more water in many cases or if your stuck over night because of engine trouble bad weather others in your party sick or hurt or some other trouble. I carry over a gallon of water or two in all manner of containers bottled in a jug and my stainless liter bottles and as ice.
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    We have a few water ladders and they seem to work better for us. Most of our backpacks have a section that is designed to hold them. Convenient, easy and with the straw near your mouth, you do not have to stop moving to get a drink.
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  5. arleigh

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    In my EDC bag I carry empty bladders strictly for emergencies that can arise, as well as a water filter . If I know that the situation demands it they are filled through the filter at an available source and add an ounce of colloidal silver, and they attached to the bag. If for no other reason I need a pillow inflated they work just fine.
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    @Hanzo Good post! I will look into it WXP 3L bladder more. BTW, it's cheaper on Amazon, $31 which I think is a good deal. I need to look at my small ruck and see if it will fit. And, I want to check out this "compatibility with USMC Miox filter system" which I know nothing about, never even heard of it, but if the Marines use it then it must be good.
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  7. Hanzo

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    I bought mine many years ago when it was only on Source Tactical. Good find on Amazon.
  8. ochit

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    I don't mind stopping for a drink, where I went there were no trails ground little prove that no one had passed there in years if ever. so if I enter an area I'm unsure of I stop and take a drink and think it over.

    I do not use plastic or bladders I carry one container in a bladder cover to keep the contents cold or cool even in the bush if you can find a deep pool once you treated or boiled your water you can tie it off toss it in and allow it to cool off. when I need to clean my containers I just toss in a denture cleaning tab and let it do it's magic.

    One big reason is thorns and accidents I can also distill from one container to another with a hookah of copper tube setup, each has a handle held on with stainless steel hose clamps and color coded with different color duct tape. on the bottom I have a folding handle stainless steel cup holds 18 ounces so I don't need cook wear.

    Stainless steel has a electrolytic properties and a piece of silver or copper have antibacterial effects plastic and bladders do not have any natural antibacterial action in fact they harbor it, and it's plastic silicone or some other mix of chemicals so when I do use plastic I do not count on it it is for convenience only / how it's sold. Would I use plastic if that's all I had sure but I can't boil in it or distill without either compromising the water with chemicals or taste that leach out of the plastic when heated as well as the limited life after heating.

    because I carry dehydrated meals water is what I consider more important pre-planning is the key tell a few people where your going start and end point, how long your planning on being gone and that you will contact them when you return. and if not they need to call out search & rescue. take time to figure your reserves of food water and other supplies can carry you through your time out do not DO NOT count on fishing or hunting to supplement. that is a bad practice.

    If it's not out there better carry it with you like water shade tent stakes and fire there are places in this world and weather events that make it virtually impossible to make a fire or there will be no wood and dried animal dung is not in big piles I would rather have canned heat and a Esbit stove and fuel for it because that is all waterproof . can be lit with ferocium rod a dry bic lighter and waterproof matches. We do not live in the 1800's it's fine to know primitive ways but those people are all dead many died from just a chill our life span is double, Thinking when your sick as a dog your going to be able to find a weed or root to heal you is ridiculous especially if its winter if you have gut cramps that fold you over a migraine or passing out your going to do nothing but die where last you fell.
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