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    I'd like to start one but every recipe I see says to refrigerate after it gets going. That's where the problem comes in. No refrigerator here in the hills. But then I read books about how settlers and prospectors carried sourdough starter around with them. I doubt they had refrigeration either. So does it or does it not need to be refrigerated? September to April isn't a problem, I have natures refrigerator right here.

    Second issue, can a sourdough starter be left unattended for 2 months after it gets going? And can it freeze up without messing it up?
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    I believe the starter will die if it is frozen, at least so I have been told, and I think the reason for keeping it cool is so that it is not too strong tasting.
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    It needs tlc weekly. Sour dough needs fresh flour to continue to grow. Refrigeration just slows it down. Remember the settlers baked regularly. Most on a daily basis.

    These links might help you. And you can buy dry starter and use while you are home, toss it and start a new one when you return

    Drying Sourdough Starter For Long Term Storage | Breadtopia

    Reviving a Dried & Live Sourdough Starter | Breadtopia : Sourdough Starter 10 grams : Leaveners And Yeasts : Grocery & Gourmet Food

    There is a solution for every circumstance. Good luck!
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    That's what I thought. I will give that Amazon sourdough starter a try.
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    If you look the ppl who sell on amazon are the same links as the info. There is a fail rate on dry so more than one is good. You can also do wild sour dough but your bread will taste different every time you start fresh.

    This is a nice guide for starting your own sour dough. You can have flavor fluctions as different conditions encourage different yeasts.
    Sourdough Baking Guide | King Arthur Flour
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    Good article. Another question is what type of container do you use to keep it in?
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    In colonial times, and sometimes even earlier for German people, folks would stick their starter dough in a bag or jar filled and covered with salt. The key is covering it really well and packing the center of the dough ball with salt, too. This will only keep for about a week or two, but give plenty of time for you to use her again in the next batch and repeat the cycle. The salt can be flaked away before reusing, as it does protect the yeast but you don't want it in your starter. Use some hot water and crumble the starter dough into it and stir around until it is reconstituted. Use this with your new batch of dough and added yeast. You can allow the old reconstituted dough to settle and add sugar and some flour to get it started again before adding to your dough.

    No refrigeration needed: JUST SALT
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    My Aunt always kept hers in a big mason jar in the fridge. Re: you refrigeration issue- can you build a root cellar or cold storage?
    @MountainMariner great topic!
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    I have a propane refrigerator but don't want to burn a gallon a day using it. And I could build a root cellar if I can find a spot up here that has enough dirt. That would probably put it over 100 yards away from the cabin at least. The cabin is bolted down to a huge rock outcrop at 2000' elevation. The other problem is bears and other critters. Then in the winter my root cellar would be buried under 5-10 feet of snow. Sometimes more. Masonry cellar under the cabin possibly?

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  11. MountainMariner

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    That won't work for me either. I only have a small solar system to run my water pumps, some lights (rarely, I use kerosene lamps and candles) and charge my battery powered devices.
  12. kellory

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    It would work, it would just cost money. It would be one more panel, and one more battery as a stand alone unit. It is a 12vt cooler. Truckers use them in the trucks.
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    I use a mason jar. Mason or ball jars are good for everything. Drinking tea, whisky and canning. =)

    You can use ceramic but I genealogy have cheese making in those or fermenting something
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  14. MountainMariner

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    I've got plenty of mason jars. Just canned 20# of white potatoes today.
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