South America: The next globalist plantation

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    I always wanted to visit Venezuela and have a few words with Hugo Chavez. I would ask him if he is a CIA asset, or if he really does care for his own people?

    The wide-ranging reforms promoted by Chavez are being financed by the immense oil wealth of Venezuela, the world’s fifth-largest exporter of oil. The year 2006 brought increased state control of Venezuela’s oil production.

    Venezuela, with the largest proven oil reserves outside of the Middle East, produces more than 3 million barrels of oil per day. On Jan. 1, Venezuelan Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez announced that 32 privately operated oil fields had come under state control with the start of 2006.

    The soaring price of crude oil has allowed Chavez to support other nations and economic reforms across the region. From Argentina, for example, Venezuela purchased more than $1 billion in bonds in 2005 and may buy as much as $2 billion more.

    “Venezuela has been supporting Argentina in freeing it from International Monetary Fund debt, and we will continue, as much as we can, to help Argentina end its dependence on the IMF,” Chavez said.

    The Venezuelan investment allowed Argentina’s President Nestor Kirchner to completely pay off its $9.8 billion debt to the IMF on Jan. 3.

    “With this payment, we are interring a significant part of an ignominious past,” Kirchner said.

    -No wonder why the neo-cons hate Chavez so much.

    Chavez has proposed the creation of a new multilateral bank to free the region from IMF influence and the increasing “dollarization” of the region. He called on Brazil and Argentina to contribute some of their international reserves to help fund the new regional bank.

    During a recent speech in Brazil, Chavez called for the creation of the “Bank of the South” to “allow us to manage all this money for our own interests,” he said. “Venezuela would bring a part of its reserves; Brazil would bring a part of its reserves, Argentina, too, and other countries.”

    Chavez said South American countries should disinvest from rich countries that “manipulate, lend and make a lot of money off our resources.”

    Venezuela’s central bank, for example, sold $10 billion of U.S. bonds and other U.S. assets in the first half of 2005.

    The United States is not FREE, we are just keeping other nations from becoming so. We help to enslave the world by continuing to strengthen ties with the IMF, and by promoting "Democracy" across the globe at the tip of a is no wonder why so many hate us.

    Of course, on the flip side (the globalists love to play both sides of the game), these south american dictators are really playing into the hands of the globalists and doing their work for them. Whether these dictators are in on the game or not remains to be seen, well except Castro. We all know that he is CIA. In any case, these powerful three, Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia will become a new united front which will be used to control the region even more successfully than in the past.

    “We join in the task of Fidel [Castro] in Cuba and Hugo in Venezuela to respond to the needs of the national majorities,” Morales said in Caracas the following day, Jan. 3. “The time of the people has arrived. This is the new millennium of the people.”

    “We are going to change Bolivia. We are going to change Latin America,” he said. Chavez referred to the three nationalist presidents as “an axis of good.”
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