Southern Mexicans Inspire America

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Mindgrinder, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Mindgrinder

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  2. Mindgrinder

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    Lots of likes but no comments?
    I'd rather have your opinion.


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  3. CATO

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    My opinion is that most people think you're a troll and would prefer not to engage you. If you don't like this, perhaps you should reflect on how your past posts have brought about this opinion (e.g., anti-America posts) and do not do that any longer. Actions have consequences.
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  4. Mindgrinder

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    Punishment fits the crime i guess...
    You should just block me m8 if your so disinterested in my contributions and/or style of freedom.

    I still read what u post.

  5. CATO

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    Not what I was going for . . . I was giving an opinion as to why I don't think people respond to you and a possible remedy if you cared.
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  6. chelloveck

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    Possibly for the same reason that sensible people don't throw fuel onto a pyromaniac's fires, unless they also enjoy participating in flame wars only tends to encourage the pyromaniac.
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  7. ghrit

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    Likes and dislikes are an indication ---
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  8. Dogfood

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    Governments like victims. In the US when we had less cops we had less crime. Do more cops add up to more crime? or is it the other way around?
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  9. chelloveck

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    Your argument is logically flawed. Correlation does not imply causation....there may be, and most likely are other factors at play in influencing the variability of crime rates between past and present.

    Correlation does not imply causation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In the US when there were fewer female police officers there was less crime than today...would that be a rational argument for not employing female police officers in the present??? Would having fewer police officers in law enforcement agencies today result in less crime happening, thus reducing crime to comparable "golden age" crime rates of the past???
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  10. Dogfood

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    First I make no argument just stated a fact and ask some questions. I would say having law enforcement gives people a false sense of security. More laws leads to more crime as well as lots of other factors. I think anyone can see that when a government tries to enforce the things people do you will get more crime as in the drug war.
  11. Pax Mentis

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    In spite of the assertions of the Great Internet God Wiki, correlation...while not proving in fact an indicator that demands investigation to determine if it is causative or entirely coincidental. Frequently an investigator will find there is a logical basis for assigning some degree of causation (or, at least, some sharing of roots) to parallels.

    The term "correlation does not imply causation" seems to indicate a misunderstanding of the word "imply". A better way to state the true relationship would be that "correlation does not equal causation".

    Just the opinion of an old man who studied statistical analysis many years ago when it was taught as a methodology of determination rather than a method of justification.
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