Recommended Soviet Army: Operations and Tactics FM100-2-1

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    I stumbled upon this field manual in my travels, surfing the ether, and thought that it might interest some of the folk here. The FM is some 30 years old, and probably doesn't reflect currnt doctrine particularly accurately...but the Russkis are generally slow at changing basic concepts, so, much of it is still probably pertinent. Even as an historical document, it is probably of interest to the Cold War warriors amongs us.

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    Thanks Chell, will get into it next week. Family, friends, and honey do stuff going on this week. As a kid I had an old brown Marine Corps handbook. Lots and lots of stuff in it that the new manuals (TMs) do not have. They were trained much differently then--and learned how to do their jobs the way it needs to be done. No PC crap in that manual.
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