Space Heater Arctic (SHA) parts question

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by brotherpoop, Dec 5, 2008.

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    [​IMG]Family of space heaters. In the past, Army field heaters have been ranked as high as the number 9 priority on the Army safety list. Use of antiquated heaters has caused numerous fires that have burned soldiers and caused extensive property and equipment damage. Units may augment their assets with inexpensive, unvented heaters, but this also can lead to an unsafe situation. FOSH will eliminate the severe safety hazards and operational deficiencies that characterize current non-electrically powered heaters while retaining their simplicity and ruggedness. FOSH heaters operate without the use of electrical power and can burn all types of liquid and solid fuel. New vaporizing R-tube burner technology overcomes major combustion and safety problems.

    The space heater arctic (SHA) will replace the Yukon heater. It reduces fuel use by 20 percent and maintenance requirements by 40 percent. Replacing the 5,000 Yukon heaters in use in the Army with SHA's will save $1 million in fuel and $2 million in maintenance costs over the course of a single heating season; the SHA will pay for itself in one season. Current funding will provide an initial issue of 200 to 300 SHA's. Subsequent requirements will be supported by funded requisitions from the requesting unit.

    A thermoelectric fan (TEF) is designed for use with the FOSH. The TEF is a compact, lightweight unit that is set on top of the heaters. It has a built-in thermoelectric module that converts heat from the stove into electricity to power a 450-cubic-feet-per-minute fan. The fan blows air over the heater and down to the bottom of the tent, thus improving air circulation and providing more even distribution of heat throughout the entire shelter. Improved heating performance as a result of the TEF allows the heaters to be operated at lower outputs, thus reducing fuel consumption further.

    From Supporting the 21st Century Warrior
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    They have tons of info like above I've found but nothing about spare parts. I'm waitng for the military contract company that makes them ("Hunter" out of Ohio) to respond back from an email.

    Looks like I'm going to have an expensive little stove if I want the flexibility of burning kerosene or deisel. I am impressed with the overall design of it though.

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    I've spent about 8 hours on the Internet and made a few calls. Parts for the "SHA" are not to be found for civilians (military use only) at this point I've got a spendy little coal/wood burner and will not be able to burn deisel or kerosene with it.

    Canada specifically "Pioneer Diesel Space Heaters" has a product almost exactly like it that they will sell to civilians.

    Trekker | International Thermal Research
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    Jackpot...over 1700 of them just hit the market from Govt. Liquidators. By the time you pay for shipping probably going to be about $500.00 for 5 of them.

    Government Liquidation
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    brotherpoop Monkey+++, got 5 of them. When it was all said and done with, tax, shipping, other costs, $150.00 for each SHA.

    Sorry...NOT selling any of them. Plenty left on "Govt. Liquidation" (see link above). A bid around $350.00 should win but like I say there will be other costs esp if shipping a long ways.
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