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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Yard Dart, Feb 5, 2015.

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    You are up for the challenge!
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    i've been eating spam since a kid..i remember road trips to fort smith arkansas,,in which we'd make a stop(eventually) and eat spam sandwiches.and maybe chips of some kind..then there's the fried spam at home..pork-n-beans n spam.then there's moms fav..pork n beans spam and pineapple slices.all mixed together with brown sugar,ketchup mustard,for flavoring..
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    AlaskaChick has a recipe that we used a lot, when we were first married, and Poor..... Spam sliced, and covered with a sugar Glaze and then Baked, or now days Nuked, for a while, until warm.... I still enjoy it, and sometimes with Macaroni & Latex, on the side... We keep a couple of cases of Spam in our Winter Supplies, as it is Good Protein, that can go with any Good Carb....
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    when I was on a ship visiting truk lagoon in Micronesia I could trade a can of spam for a bushel of lobster and the locals thought I was the dumbest haole in the world
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    Now you see, This is what's its all about, Take a small something and turn it into meals for days!
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    BTPost's 3rd Supper Recipe....

    1 ea. Can is Spam
    2 ea. Cans on Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup...
    1Cup Jasmine Long Grain Rice...

    Boil Sauce Pan 3/4 Full of water, and add Cup of Rice... Allow to boil for 15 minutes..
    Drain water off, into another container, and save...
    Add 1st Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup to Sauce Pan, and add back 1 Soup Can
    of the Saved Water....
    Stir in water and Soup thouroghly...
    Microwave the Block of Spam for 3 minutes, and cut into 3/8 Inch Cubes...
    Add 2nd Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup, and stir in thouroughly....
    add Diced Spam... then add enough saved Water , for a thick Pourage

    And there you go...
    For my taste I then add Heinz57 Sauce & lea & Perins Woschester Sauce to my taste...
    Although AlaskaChick will not eat anything I fix to "My Taste"... Oh Well.....
    A Chief, I am NOT....
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    That sounds kind of great and easy!

    Easy ham and gravey
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    we got real tired of lobster
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