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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GhettoPass, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Hi All,
    I've had no problem finding "spare parts kits" for my 1911. My assumption is that what is included are commonly failed items. I would like to get a packaged parts kit for my XD 9mm and ARs. Where should I start to find a "kit", specifically for common fail parts. I'd like to eventually get together spare parts kits for all my guns. Would talking to a factory repair facility or gunsmith be the starting point? I've done Google searches for XD kits but am only finding individual parts.
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    Have you looked into a dedicated forum for the guns of choice? There is where you'll find the guys that own them telling about the good and bad (read as failed parts) for your choices.
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    Sometimes you just have to cobble a kit together from single parts.
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    Try calling the the repair department at which ever company you are looking at and ask what the most common parts failures are and how much the parts cost. MOST of them are willing to tell you and you won't have any problems. However....there are always some companies (Ruger for example) that won't talk to you and everything is factory only.

    While 1911 parts are all over, some of the other guns, like the XD, aren't made by 50 different companies. You might also check the various used parts dealers (Numrich, Jack First, etc) for parts too. Yup, you cobble them together from single parts.

    Basically for spare parts for each gun I like all parts that are under spring tension and likely to sail into the sunset, all springs, pins, screws, extractor, ejector, firing pin (FP), and/or small, easily lost parts, plus anything else that is likely to break. Over kill? Probably, but then I don't have to worry about IF or WHEN I can get parts to fix it either.
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    For your XD you'll probably need to buy individual pieces.
    For an AR I buy the LPK (Lower Parts Kits), upper kits, and have spare BCG's. Basically, I could build a complete lower with the addition of a stripped receiver.
    I pieced together my Glock kit from individual pieces. Since I have 3 guns in the same caliber, but different sizes (27, 23, & 22) most of the parts are interchangeable, but there are a few that are unique to one of the 3.
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