Spartan 12ga 00 Buck

Discussion in 'Range reports' started by Oddcaliber, Apr 22, 2018.

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    Got back from the indoor range a while ago. It's a 25 yard indoor, $20.00 shoot all day. Not a bad deal at all. Brought my 1911, BHP clone and my Maverick 88. I purchased the Spartan ammo about 2 years ago so I wanted to see how it would preform. Made in the EU it's distribution center in Round Rock Texas, sold through Academy. $12.99 plus tax. Advertised MV to be 1312 fps. Only problem with this ammo was slightly harder extraction. No short stroking this stuff! But my shotgun has duel extractors so no worries there. Recoil seemed a bit lite for it's MV. But my shoulder ain't complaining! Gets my vote for good cheap range ammo. Give this a shot! (Pun intended)
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    Current pricing at LuckyGunner is 0.52 frns per round in 250 round cases. (That's a LOT of double O.) If you are buying, consider using the shopping link, SM gets stroked if you do.
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    The range fee itself is an excellent deal. $20 is an hour at the indoor range per person.
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    I roll my own more pellets more control over pattern. as far as shooting have access to a few places with plenty of acreage, as long as I don't shoot the cattle or pets no one cares.
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