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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sidrablem, May 2, 2008.

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    I read the post about the softball game and I was astounded, but that was not the most amazing thing that I had heard about sports tonight. if you go to the espn web site you will see the article that, at least here in Knoxville, is the biggest story of the year...

    Chris Lofton has successfully recovered from testicular cancer.
    He had kept it a secret for the entire senior season.
    It was found after the loss to Ohio State during his Junior Season Sweet Sixteen, and it was found by an NCAA random drug test, one that is never performed here in the SEC or by the trainers on campus.
    So he went through the treatment as quickly as possible, lost a lot of weight and all of his strength, which helps to explain his PanAm team disappointment and his poor shooting slump at the beginning of the season.
    The only people who knew were his parents, the athletic director, Bruce Pearl, a few organizational and operational people, and a small group of close friends. The only teammate who knew was Jordan Howell, and only towards the end of the season, because they roomed together.
    It's a miracle he recovered from it safely, but even more amazing that he went on to lead our basketball team to new ground and a #1 ranking.

    The full story does better justice than this, but it's worth putting this out there to people who are not as excited about UT athletics as I am.

    Anyway, I shouldn't even be on here, I've finished three finals, and I have three more to study for, plus I'm happy to say that I am the drum major of the Pride of the Southland Marching Band, so I should really be working on something else.
    I guess I should really just be happy that I remembered my password to get back on the forums. Great to be back!

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    Welcome back D, and congratulations on making Drum Major. I know that Melbo and Mrs. Melbo are very proud of you.

    So, does it make you feel a little nervous standing up in front of 110,000 people on game day, and millions more on TV?
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    of course not, that part it easy; it's creating the balance among our student leadership that I am working on right now. then again, I don't have to do it while recovering from life-thratening ailment, so I am lucky in that sense.
    Anybody in UCLA's area better be ready for us to storm Pasadena next year!
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