speargun build

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  1. This is an easy speargun build

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  3. Thank you
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    My son saw this and immediately wanted to make one. I will have to locate some bamboo. Does the freshness matter? I think I have seen bamboo in craft shops but it will be real dry.
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    I'm thinking pvc pipe would work. Now where would I find free pipe? Hmm. :D
  6. Sgt Nambu

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    Going to have to build one with my grandson! I've already taught him to make thrusting spears! He'll love it!
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    This guy has some serious mosquitos where he's at lol. Judging by his exit, I'm guessing he's in Hawaii. Great video, thanks for the share.

    Half way through watching, it dawned on me that if you were to rig up a bunch of these, it would make a devastating snare trap.
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  8. freshness doesn't really matter as long as it's not sun bleachedor rotten. you want the thick walled variety of bamboo. it's a fun and easy project you'll have a blast
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  9. PVC would work just make sure it's the thick walled kind and sturdy
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  10. Big Island Hawaii with a volcano and lava. yes the mosquitoes are bad here it's the jungle LOL thank you
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  11. it's a fun and easy project you will have a blast
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  12. Meat

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    Good call schedule 80 or whatever's free. :D
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