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    <META content="Microsoft SafeHTML" name=Generator><STYLE>.ExternalClass .EC_hmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.EC_hmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Verdana;}</STYLE>I had a interesting job the 11th working with the army special forces terrorist training.I played sheik mustapha halili,I had a beautiful hostage,2 atomic weapons,a group of heavily armed terrorists and a encampment in the desert.
    we went about 30 miles north of vegas and set up four tents for our band of 15,then we waited for 12 special forces people to attack us with paintball guns,seize the atom bombs and release our hostage.
    we waited untim 9:30 at night and then our director decided that we would escape by SUV and return to vegas.about two miles down this dirt road the special forces attacked us from ambush and shot the crap out of us with paintballs,took me prisoner and made me tell them where the other two bombs were(one in australia and the other in london).all in all the whole day was the most fun I've had in a long time.
    I work for a vegas company that does this type of training scenes for the gov.and individuals.it's called CRItraining.com
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    sounds like an interesting job, never a dull moment.
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    Other than "interesting" what were your personal thoughts and views of how SF did in the training? Anything that you think they could have done better?
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    poor prep.some of them didn't bring water,they staged too far away.they got their truck stuck because some of them had no offroad training???!!!
    they wern't really ready for a ambush when they realized we were bugging out but they did pull it off.they were undetected by us during their scouting but were countered by us pointing our vehicles outward in a circle with high beams on to illuminate them in any attack.they didn't attack us because they realized they would have been eliminated.
    The SF people learned a few things that they will have to train more on but all in all they did quite well.
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    I'm sorta surprised you got ambushed on the road. Operational directions to the contrary, I think I might have looked for another way out. I KNOW (other organizations) would seek and scout.

    I am genuinely puzzled. Were these guys still in SF school, or was it a real scenario with fully trained SF? You said it was a training exercise, but I can't tell if it was for troops still in basics or if it was strategic.
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    there was only one way out(a plateau in the mountains north of vegas on the extraterrestrial highway)
    they were full on blanket heads from ft.bragg.they had a RPV with them but it was unusable for some reason so they prepped using google maps and sat views. this was training before they deployed to irag or afghanistan.
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    can say much for them getting stuck. even the most experienced driver gets stuck.i been mud riding in the swamps for over 30 years and i know how to drive in the mud but hey i get stuck all the time. but man it sounds like you got one nice job.
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