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    Can't stay glued to your screen ALL the time? Here's a great product that I got hooked up with in the last couple of weeks. The owner, Steve, has been kind enough to offer our folks a big 50% discount on his unique professional service.

    It's the standard service used by the military, LEOs, government agencies of all stripes, and countless security-conscious individuals around the country. It's a bargain at the regular pricing, but at 50% off for a year's subscription, it's a no-brainer.

    12 months of coverage for a total of $23.94!! You get comprehensive, well-placed weekly National Situation Updates (including Stratfor analysis every week) in your choice of text or audio formats to your cell phone or other device. Plus of course, most importantly--in the event of an urgent development, you get instant notification. What more can we ask for?

    PLUS, if you subscribe to AlertsUSA as described here, you also get the chance to subscribe to the full Stratfor intelligence advisory program at 50% off for a year!

    You want examples of the product? Check out the sample links on the Alerts page.

    To get there, see the banner ad on either our new Preparedness Ning site: http://preparedness.ning.com/

    Or the banner on our buyers club site: www.safecastleroyal.com

    In either case, if you choose to take advantage, click on the banner, then at the bottom of their page click on the 6-month "order now" link. On the next page, your promotional code to enter is SAFE2007

    For that, you get 12 months of coverage, rather than the six months!

    You're welcome!
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