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  1. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys

    Bill Hays is a pretty amazing guy when it comes to slingshots...

    Here's one of his one off customs that I got directly from him... it's signed, numbered and dated...

    Perfect for anyone from the great Lone Star State of Texas! and actually that's what the special silver concho is for... on both sides...

    His regular g10 slingshots go for $80 to $110... check it out here
    Pocket Predator Slingshots

    and check out his videos... pretty amazing...

    Putting this puppy up for well below what I paid with an extra bandset (always wear safety glasses) and check these gold therabands as they have been sitting for a while... I'll go hunt down my latex bands and include a few just in case... $"Gone in 6 minutes" shipped insured with tracking to the USA... caveman not included... ;)

    Thanks for looking,


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  2. Mike

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    Bear, I love it. If you don't sell it soon, I will be contacting you for it. Going to leave this job for a better one (more work, more hours, and per-diem). Soon as we get a real pay, I will take it, if it doesn't sell first.
  3. Bear

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    Aloha @Mike

    Sorry this beauty sold within 6 minutes of me posting it... it was a nice one for sure!

    Thanks for looking,

  4. Mike

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    ok. so far, the things you have posted have been on my wish list. Only problem is the work here is slow, company that hired me was promising more than they could deliver. I've been here 4 1/2 years and have really worked on project about 2 1/2 years. the rest is 40 hour weeks in the office.
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